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1Password for Mac Is Getting a Major Update With Several New Features

1Password 8 for Mac's improved user interface

Our favorite password manager 1Password is pushing a big update to its Mac version, and the company just announced 1Password 8 for Mac. The update brings a much-needed redesign to the user interface and Watchtower, along with a few smaller new features.

The first thing users will notice after updating is the improved interface. Its more modern design is consistent with other versions of the software and looks clean and easier to use. The sidebar also hosts some changes, with a focus on user vaults and favorite items up top and categories shifted to the top of the list with a dropdown filter, so information will be easier to access.

Both Watchtower and 1Password’s search see improvements as well. Watchtower now displays a chart overview showing the status of each user’s password health, showing how many passwords are “Fantastic” as opposed to “Weak” or “Terrible.” It also tells you the number of compromised websites you have an account with along with how many websites you’re reusing passwords for. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on your security health.

1Password 8 for Mac's improved Watchtower function for password health

The password manager has several new features to fawn over as well. A simple new indicator shows you at a glance whether a vault is shared or personal, and you’ll receive a message that tells you who can access items that are drag-and-dropped between vaults. 1Password is also adding more contextual information throughout the app to make things more intuitive.

Should you need to jump into an individual item to edit it, you’ll now see an improved editing experience, with smart suggestions, an easier-to-upload file attachment option, and a powerful new password generator. Mac users can now expect full integration with Safari, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. The app will also show payment info and password suggestions faster. And we saved the best for last: this version now has Dark Mode!

1Password also beefed up performance and security in this update. New versions of the app are built in Rust—a super secure systems programming language. While most of the changes here are under the hood, you’ll notice an increase in responsiveness (woohoo!). You’ll now see all of your accounts on the lock screen, which you can access via Touch ID (though 1Password is hoping to add Face ID eventually, too). It’ll also be easier to recover your data, too, thanks to item drafts, the ability to restore recently deleted items, and version history reversion.

After opening up early access to 1Password 8 for Windows and releasing its Linux app earlier in 2021, it makes sense that the company would bring the update to Mac users, too. 1Password has put the update into early access, and it’s currently open to all interested users. Just keep in mind that since it’s early access and not the final product, it may still be buggy. You can find the Setup instructions at 1Password’s site.

Source: 1Password

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