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A ’72 Ford Bronco EV Conversion Will Cost You as Much as a House

Gatway Bronco EV restoration
Gateway Bronco

Rather than compete with Tesla and Ford on new electric vehicles, the Illinois company Gateway Bronco transforms old classics into fast, capable, modern electric vehicles. And while it sounds like Ford will eventually release a new EV Bronco, it won’t look as beautiful as the classic 1972 model offered here.

Gateway Bronco announced two new fully-electric 1972 Bronco conversion models this week, the Fuelie Electric and Luxe-GT Electric. These classic rust-buckets feature 220 kW electric motors and get anywhere from 200-300 miles per charge, but that’ll cost you upwards of $380,000. So yes, this Ford Bronco EV conversion costs as much as a house.

Gateway Bronco electric engine setup
Gateway Bronco

Licensed by Ford Motor Company, these conversions include way more than just a gas-to-EV powertrain swap. It’s an entire overhaul revitalizing the interior and exterior, suspension, transmissions, brake system, and more. For the steep price, you’ll have a fully restored luxury EV Bronco.

1972 Gateway Bronco interior
Gateway Bronco

The converted 1972 Ford Bronco Fuelie is the more affordable option, coming in at $260,000 and delivering 200 miles per charge. It still goes from 0-60 in around 5-seconds without guzzling half a tank of gas, so it’s a win-win. Just look at that interior, too. It’s excellent.

However, it’s the high-end Gateway Bronco Luxe-GT (pictured throughout) you’ll really love. For $380k, it packs 18-inch wheels, 33-inch TOYO tires, disk brakes, Fox suspension, 300-mile range, and a beautiful interior that toes the line between classic and modern.

Bronco EV conversion
Gateway Bronco

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first expensive Ford Bronco conversion we’ve seen. Just remember, the first Ford Bronco cost a little over $2,100 when it came out in 1966, and in 1972, the original V8 beast retailed for $3,700. So these are definitely a little more expensive, but Gateway Bronco does offer a solid seven-year warranty on the entire electric drivetrain system. If you have the pockets, go wild.

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