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Photoshop for iPad Finally Gets Some Useful Tools

Photoshop's new Healing Brush tool on an iPad.
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Photoshop for iPad has come a long way. The app wouldn’t even let you resize images when it first launched in 2019, but it’s slowly becoming a usable alternative to its desktop counterpart. Today’s update is an especially large milestone; Photoshop for iPad finally has the Healing Brush and Magic Wand tools, plus some other new improvements.

For many, the lack of a Healing Brush tool has made Photoshop for iPad unusable. But you can now use the Healing Brush to touch up photos with your Apple Pencil, removing blemishes or perfecting landscapes in a jiffy.

The Magic Wand’s arrival in Photoshop for iPad is also quite helpful, especially to people like me who spend a lot of time cutting up images (like the one at the top of this article). The Magic Wand tool lets you quickly select an object in an image for editing, sort of like a one-click version of the Quick Select tool.

This update also includes a new Canvas Projection tool for sharing your creations on a big screen. You can connect your iPad to any external monitor or TV to project your canvas onscreen without the Photoshop UI. Then, you can edit your canvas and see any changes on the larger screen in real-time.

The Canvas Projection tool seems especially useful for classroom environments or livestreams, though it could also come in handy if you need to quickly see your full canvas on a large screen while drawing.

Along with its new Photoshop for iPad tools, Adobe is adding new Sky Replacement filters to its desktop application. The company is also adding a Discover tab to the Photoshop desktop app and opening a Photoshop Beta program, which you can find in the Beta Apps tab of Creative Cloud.

Source: Adobe via Engadget

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