Netgear’s New Wi-Fi 6 Access Points Start at Just $100 (and Are on Sale for $70)

A photo of the Netgear WAX202 Wi-Fi 6 access point.

Looking for an affordable Wi-Fi 6 solution that covers your whole home? Netgear’s new WAX202 and WAX206 WiFi-6 access points extend your router’s coverage with killer 1.8GBps and 3.2GBps speeds. Starting at just $100, the access points are on sale today for $70 and $130, respectively.

Unless mesh Wi-Fi systems, wireless access points connect directly to your primary router (or a switch) via Ethernet cable. They’re much cheaper and faster than mesh Wi-Fi systems or wireless extenders for this reason, and they’re a popular item in businesses, dorms, and newer homes with Ethernet running to multiple rooms.

Like other Netgear access points, the WAX202 and WAX206 are easy to set up through a web-based interface. They support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard on both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, which is fantastic if you own a ton of smart home devices. Plus, with multiple 1Gb Ethernet ports, the Netgear WAX202 and WAX206 access points can provide speedy wired networking to your PC, laptop, home server, or any other device.

You can order the WAX202 and WAX206 access points now at Amazon, or check out Netgear’s website for detailed device specs. To learn more about setting up an affordable whole-home network using access points, check out our writeup at How-To Geek.

NETGEAR Wireless Desktop Access Point (WAX202) - WiFi 6 Dual-Band AX1800 Speed | 3 x 1G Ethernet Ports | Up to 64 Devices | WPA3 Security | Create up to 3 Separate WiFi Networks | MU-MIMO | 802.11ax

Netgear's new WAX202 and WAX206 WiFi-6 Access Points provide speeds up to 1.8GBps and 3.2GBps, respectively. They're a great option for homes or businesses that want better Wi-Fi coverage without investing in a mesh system, though you will need to run a wire from this access point to your primary router.

Source: Netgear via ZDNet

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