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The 7 Best Pixel 5a Cases

Pixel 5a on concrete in Google's official case

The new Pixel 5a may be the most affordable 5G phone in the current Pixel lineup, but it’s still not what we would call “cheap” at $450. Any smartphone is an investment, so you want to do your best to protect it. So yeah, you’re going to want to toss that new phone in a case.

What to Look for in a Pixel 5a Case

Cases are pretty simple things—you put it on your phone, and it protects said phone. But there are still things to consider instead of just buying the first case you see.

  • The Fit: A case should snuggly fit the phone while also making it easy to access the physical buttons. This is something you want in any case you buy, so we’ve made sure all the ones here meet that standard.
  • Protection: One of the most important parts of a case is protecting your phone. All the cases here feature shock absorption to some level for drop protection and impacts, but some focus on this more than others.
  • Thickness: Going along with the previous point, the more protective a case is, the bulkier it typically is. That’s not a huge deal to everyone, but if you like your phones more compact, then it’s an important thing to take note of. Fortunately, you can usually tell this pretty easily just by looking at pictures.
  • Grip: Phones can be fairly slippery, so having a case that provides more friction is especially useful. Practically every case offers this to some extent, but we’ll make special note of the ones that go above and beyond.
  • Looks: It can be boring to have the same phone as everyone else, especially because the 5a is only available in one color. Cases bring an extra level of personalization to your phone, either in their core design or the different colors they come in. Picking a case you like the look of is just as important as the other things we’ve discussed, so our list has a variety of different styles to choose from.

Best Overall Case for Pixel 5a: Google Pixel 5a Case

Four Google Pixel 5a's in different official Google cases.

Let’s start with Google’s official Pixel 5a case—it doesn’t have a cool name, but it’s a great option nonetheless. It uses a slim, shock-resistant material to protect your phone, and it’s also easy to clean should it get dirty. This is good because a large part of this case’s appeal is how bright and colorful it is, especially because the 5a itself is only available in black. The soft, pastel colors of the case combined with its quality construction make it a great case regardless of whether you’re concerned with looks or protection.

The Google Pixel 5a case has four color options: Black Moss, Maybe Moon, Likely Lime, and Partially Pink.

Best Overall

Google Pixel 5a Case

Google’s official Pixel 5a case that offers protection and a vivid selection of colors.

Best Budget Case for Pixel 5a: Caseology Vault Case

Google Pixel 5a in Caseology's Vault case.

At the end of the day, a case is supposed to protect your phone, make it easier to grip, and, if possible, make it look slightly more unique. Well, the Vault case from Caseology does all of that while keeping things affordable. The sandstone texture feels nice in the hands and helps ensure the phone won’t slip, but even if it does, the shock-absorbing bumpers go a long way to avoid lasting damage. It’s a fantastic case all-around and an easy choice to make if you don’t want to pay the premium price for Google’s official case.

The Vault case is available in two colors: Matte Black and Urban Gray.

Best Budget Case

Caseology Vault Case

A simple case that covers all the bases well.

Best Protective Case for Pixel 5a: Spigen Tough Armor Case

Google Pixel 5a in Spigen Tough Armor Case.

Using a mixture of polycarbonate and protective foam for dual layer protection, the Spigen Tough Armor case makes drops and impacts a lot less scary for your new phone. Naturally, this case is bulkier than most, but if you’re looking for a rugged case, then you won’t be disappointed here. There’s also a small kickstand built into the case for easier media viewing.

The Tough Armor case is available in three colors: Black, Gunmetal, and Metal Stale.

Best Protective Case

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Using a mixture of shock-absorbing materials, this case will protect your phone from countless falls.

A Thinner Protective Case for Pixel 5a: Spigen Liquid Air Case

Google Pixel 5a in Spigen Liquid Air Case.

One of the downsides of highly protective cases is they’re much bulkier. This can make it more annoying to fit into your pocket, but Spigen aims to circumvent that with its new Liquid Air case. The unique air cushion design still provides a lot of impact protection while making this a lightweight, thin case. It’s a great middle-ground between slim, minimalist cases and the bulkier ones, which provide more protection.

The Liquid Air case is only available in one color seen above.

A Thinner Protective case

Spigen Liquid Air Case

The Liquid Air provides the protection of a bulkier case in a thinner package.

Best Clear Case for Pixel 5a: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Google Pixel 5a in Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case.

Sometimes you actually want to see the brand-new tech you just bought, and the Spigen Ultra Hybrid allows just that while still offering decent protection thanks to its firm frame. Spigen also went the extra mile by ensuring this case won’t yellow over time like other transparent cases, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

You can get this case either completely clear or with a black frame if you want some visual variety.

Best Clear Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

A transparent case that still has decent protection and protects against yellowing.

Best Fabric Case for Pixel 5a: kwmobile Fabric Case

Google Pixel 5a in kwmobile Fabric Case.

Google’s yet to release a fabric case for the 5a, but kwbomile has been quick to fill the void. This slim case focuses more on aesthetics and texture than pure protection, but it still provides enough shock absorption to save your phone from small drops. It looks cool, feels cool, and the grip is excellent, so if you’re a fan of fabric cases, kwmobile’s won’t disappoint.

This case is available in seven different colors: coral, dark blue, dark grey, green, grey, light grey, and yellow.

Best Fabric Case

kwmobile Fabric Case

If you want a cool look and excellent grip, this fabric case has both in spades.

Best Wallet Case for Pixel 5a: Ghostek Exec Magnetic Wallet Case

Google Pixel 5a in Ghostek Exec Magnetic Wallet Case.

Wallet cases are always an appreciated option for simplifying your pocket situation, and Ghosttek’s includes both a protective case and a detachable magnetic wallet. The wallet itself is made of leather and can hold up to four cards, along with a magnet on the back to attach the wallet to the case. With the wallet being removable, this is a very versatile case that provides extra function while still protecting your device well.

The Exec case is available in three colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Gray, and Phantom Pink.

Best Wallet Case

Ghostek Exec Magnetic Wallet Case

Features a removable wallet with four card slots and a protective case at the center.

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