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Elon Musk Adds a Humanoid Robot to His Lists of Stuff “Coming Next Year”

Tesla Bot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said his company is working on an AI-powered humanoid robot that will run on a software version of its Autopilot driver-assist software. Better yet, he claims a prototype is coming “sometime next year.”

The automaker made the surprise announcement at its AI Day event, although we didn’t see a functioning prototype in any capacity. Instead, a human dressed like its robot came out and danced on stage.

Tesla Robot specs

According to Musk, the Tesla Bot is a helpful and friendly robot that will do the boring, dangerous or menial tasks humans don’t want to do. Furthermore, he said it’ll be slow and not very strong, only able to move around 5MPH (like a fast walk), and humans can outrun or overpower it. Obviously, no one wants to see a Robot uprising, especially Will Smith.

The Tesla Bot will be roughly five feet 8 inches tall and weigh 125 pounds. As we said earlier, it’ll walk 5MPH and be able to carry things up to 45 pounds. Considering Musk has often spoken about his fear of artificial intelligence going too far, it’s an interesting move.

Musk went on to state that the robot will have a screen for a face that can display helpful information and should be able to follow simple commands, like “Please pick up that bolt and attach it to the car with that wrench.” Not to mention typical boring tasks like getting groceries or cleaning up the house.

Tesla and Musk’s history is full of fancy ideas like a humanoid robot, so it’s anyone’s guess if this will eventually become a reality. That said, the company did state that it plans to have a functioning prototype sometime next year. Then, hopefully, it’ll have the “Three Laws of Robotics.”

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