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The Best Premium iPhone XS Cases For The Professional Look

Your new iPhone XS is a thing of expensive wonder. And boy, does it love to attract marks and scratches at the slightest of interaction from you. Here are our favorite super classy cases to keep your iPhone protected in style.

Choosing a premium iPhone case is tricky business because taste is subjective. Unlike our usual method of giving each pick its own category or strength, we’ve simply chosen attractive looking cases that will suit any professional occasion. Each of these will look great at a business meeting or simply a fancy date, plus you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your iPhone XS is safe and secure from every day knocks.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case ($50)

My personal favorite of the bunch, the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case oozes class. It’s a snug wraparound case that slots on easily enough without any risk of damage to your phone. The back of the case contains a leather pocket that fits up to 3 ID or bank cards, so everything you need when out is easy to grab.

The material is authentic full grain leather, right down to how there’s a note included that points out that each case looks a tiny bit different from another. The leather feels smooth and soft to the touch too with the interior lined with Japanese microfiber. It’ll happily co-exist with wireless charging too, even if you’ve got some cards in the wallet.

XRPow iPhone XS Wallet ($23)

The XRPow iPhone XS Wallet truly is a full wallet that also doubles as an iPhone XS case. It offers 11 slots for cards, three slots for cash, and a zipper wallet for any loose change you may need to carry around. There’s room for enclosing a small passport sized photo too.

That might sound incredibly chunky to some, but the XRPow iPhone XS Wallet has a trick up its sleeve — it also has a detachable magnetic back case that you can use on its own as a secure way of protecting your phone with none of the bulk of the wallet/purse side of things. Thanks to that dual purpose, it should suit most situations, whether that’s a business meeting or simply a classy lunch out with friends.

Zover iPhone XS Case ($40)

The Zover iPhone XS Case offers a little bit of everything. It’s sleek and stylish, so your iPhone XS won’t be swamped with a bulky or ugly casing. It’s also a wallet case so you can easily slip in a few important cards for storage purposes.

Where the Zover case stands out, however, is through its extras. It has a magnetic car mount holder for placing it securely in the car. It’s detachable though so if you want to use wireless charging, you can easily remove it. It also has a smart cover for the screen, so you don’t have to worry about knocks or bumps when you’re carrying it around. Think of it as like a purse for your iPhone.

Wilken iPhone XS Leather Wallet ($50)

The Wilken iPhone XS Leather Wallet is definitely bulky, but that’s part of its charm. Made from 100% top grain genuine cowhide leather, it wraps around your iPhone XS kind of like a book. Despite looking so chunky, it’s well designed.

It has a special clasping system that keeps your wallet case securely closed, thereby protecting the angled card holder that stores three cards. The case itself auto aligns with the camera lens when placed in the wallet, so there’s no need to pull it out too often. The case is also designed in a way that means you can manipulate it to work as a kickstand, saving you the need for any extra accessories. The kickstand utilizes the same cowhide leather, so it looks pretty smart, and a fair bit fancier than a regular plastic based stand. Impressively, it remains compatible with wireless charging.

Ted Baker Official Shannon Mirror Folio Case ($40)

The Ted Baker Official Shannon Mirror Folio Case isn’t just a case that protects your iPhone XS. It also doubles as a way of checking you look ok at all times. The folio case offers a soft black faux leather effect with an electroplated back shell. It looks elegant and subtle.

Where things get more interesting is its deluxe interior mirror that’s contained inside. Simply unfold your case, and you can immediately check you look ok before that all important meeting. For many users, it will save them carrying an extra item.

Case Mate iPhone XS Case ($38)

So far, we’ve assumed that you work in a professional business environment where the leather look is everything. How about if you work somewhere more vibrant and creative? The Case Mate iPhone XS Case fits into the aesthetic perfectly. It provides a waterfall effect to the back of your iPhone XS with a cascade of sparkles and glitter that glows in the dark. Think of a snow globe and that’s what your iPhone has become.

It’s very different from the more traditional leather style cases, but it still offers protection from drops and knocks. It’s compatible with wireless charging too. Worried about how the waterfall effect works? Don’t be. It uses a safe mineral oil to achieve this. It’s really quite distinctive.

OtterBox Strada Series Case ($31)

Otterbox often makes great cases and the Strada Series Case is no different. Made from premium leather, it’s stylish, soft, yet protective too. It has a cardholder slot to store a few cards safely, with the section also doubling up well as a screen cover.

A high-quality magnetic latch keeps things snug and secure without adding too much bulk to what you carry. Simply put, it just works and looks pretty good while it’s doing it. Available in a few different colors, there’s sure to be a look that works for your business needs. We reckon the espresso look suits a rugged aesthetic particularly well.

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