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Come Check Out Nestflix, the Netflix-Like Service for Fake TV Shows and Movies

Nestflix logo in front of fake shows

Our TV shows are great and all, but have you ever wanted to watch the fake movies and TV shows that are in our actual shows? Artist and web designer Lynn Fisher does, which is why she created Nestflix, a Netflix look-alike that’s full of listings for fake shows.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to watch “Shut Up and Listen” from The Princess Diaries, “Wayne’s World” from the movie of the same name, “Zombie High” from iZombie,  “The Rural Juror” from 30 Rock, and of course, “Angels with Filthy Souls” from Home Alone.

Of course, none of these “nested shows,” as they are called, exist in our universe and you’ll (probably) never be able to watch them. You can have fun browsing through them on Nestflix and pretending they are, however!

The website is a fun wiki that TV and movie nerds everywhere will enjoy spending hours browsing. Fisher gave the site a Netflix-style makeover and honestly, it looks amazing. Shows are categorized by genre, and each entry has a clickable thumbnail with themed lettering that matches the show’s vibes. Clicking on a show takes you to its page, just as it would in Netflix, and shows you the show’s name, imaginary rating and runtime, genre, summary, in-universe cast and crew, and which TV show or movie it was originally seen in.

Fisher does have a Contribute page on the site, but it is currently paused due to the high volume of submissions. If they open up again, you’ll be able to submit a show not yet added, though you’ll need to adhere to the following criteria:The show must be fictional, it must show actual footage, it cannot be from a video game, it can’t be a stage play or musical, and it can’t be a news or morning show.

The "Crime Shows" section of Nestflix

Mashable reports that Fisher has been a lifelong fan of nested stories and that she’s been “mentally collecting” them since first seeing Home Alone. Though the site already boasts more than 450 entries, Fisher says it’s far from complete. She’s received over 700 submissions and has plans to add them eventually.

For now, we’re content to keep scrolling through this creative site and pining for the day big studio execs finally realize this is the content we actually want to watch.

Netrlix, but for Fake Shows


Browse your favorite fake TV shows and movies that are in your favorite real TV shows and movies.

via Mashable

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