Joby Releases a Compact Camera Bracket for Vertical Video Enthusiasts

A photo of the Joby Vert bracket paired with a tripod and compact mirrorless camera.

Some people hate vertical video with an undying passion, but it’s the standard format for most mobile content, especially on Instagram and TikTok. That’s why Joby is launching the Vert, an L-Bracket that lets you shoot vertical video using a compact mirrorless camera and any compatible tripod or gimbal.

The Vert is actually a very simple accessory. It secures to the bottom of your compact mirrorless camera and screws into the 1/4-20 mount of your tripod or handheld rig … and that’s about it. Two built-in levels help you get a perfectly straight shot, and a cold shoe mount allows you to attach accessories, like microphones and battery-powered LEDs.

Joby says that the Vert bracket can handle up to 6.6 pounds and works perfectly with the company’s BallHead 3K and GorillaPod 3K Kit. Of course, it’s an interesting option for anyone who’s tired of twisting their tripod in a weird, unstable direction just to get a vertical shot.

You can order the Joby Vert now for $20. Keep in mind that it works with any 1/4-20 system, which is the standard tripod screw thread.

Joby Vert

The Joby Vert L-Bracket is perfect for shooting vertical video with a compact mirrorless camera. It mounts to any 1/4-20 tripod and uses a built-in Cold Shoe mount for additional mics or lights.

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