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GM and LG Team Up to Address Bolt EV Battery Recall

GM Chevy Bolt EUV

General Motors is still working hard to sort out its $1.8 billion recall, which it recently expanded to cover all Chevy Bolt electric vehicle models, and now it’s working hand in hand with LG Chem to address the ongoing battery recall situation.

As reported by Reuters, statements made by GM claim the company is taking a “more direct role with LG” as the two try to fix manufacturing problems on the battery cells inside its EV vehicles.

“LG is working with GM engineers to clean up the manufacturing process at LG battery plants and implement some GM quality metrics.

Experts from GM and LG continue to work around the clock on the issues. And we are determined to do the right thing for our customers and resolve the problem once and for all. Once we are confident LG can provide us with good battery modules, we will begin repairs as quickly as we can.” — GM spokesman Dan Flores said on Thursday.

For those not keeping track of the news, GM and Chevy have recalled nearly all Bolt models. The automaker spent months trying to figure out why some models of Chevy Bolt were catching on fire, only to realize that every model of Chevy Bolt ever produced (including yours) may contain a faulty LG battery regardless of which LG plant it came from.

After further investigation, GM found two manufacturing defects in the battery cells supplied by LG Chem Energy Solutions – a torn anode tab and folded separator – which may lead to a battery fire in some rare circumstances.

GM is still working hard to find a full solution, one which has LG paying nearly $1.8 billion (and growing) for the recall. Additionally, it looks like all early Bolt models could get entirely new battery packs, while select newer vehicles will only get replacement battery modules.

Reports go on to state that replacement battery cells may not be available until “after November,” and even then, it’ll take LG several months to make enough battery cells to replace all the recalled models. So basically, this could take a while before it’s all said and done.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Is this your first time hearing about the Chevy Bolt recall? Until GM notifies Chevy Bolt owners that replacement parts are ready, the company suggests the following actions:

  • Don’t let your vehicle exceed a 90% charge. You can use the Target Charge Level mode to do so. Instructions are on the Chevy Bolt recall page.
  • Charge your vehicle more frequently and avoid depleting the battery below the 70-mile (or 113 km) mark.
  • Park your vehicle outside when it isn’t charging, and don’t charge it overnight.

If you aren’t comfortable following these steps, take your Chevy Bolt to the dealer. You can also contact the Chevrolet EV Concierge service (1-833-EVCHEVY) for more information on the recall. The line is open weekdays 8:00 am to 12:00 am ET and weekends from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET.

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