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LG’s New TV Could Replace Your Entire Wall


LG has announced a lineup of absolutely massive Direct View LED (DVLED) home cinema displays for those with a big living room, and more importantly, big enough pockets to afford one. These new TV sets range from a modest 108-inch LED to an epic 325-inch 8K TV that costs north of $1.7 million. So basically, if you have to ask “how much?” they’ll be too expensive for your taste.

Similar in concept to Samsung’s The Wall lineup, which features screens upwards of 1000-inches, or even Sony’s Crystal LED array. Obviously, these cinemas are designed for business and commercial applications, not your average living room. Still, LG Electronics is now opening sales to those who can afford to go big or go home.

According to CNET, LG’s biggest 325-inch 8K TV weighs nearly 2,000 lbs and will ship to buyers in a reinforced steel flight case. For regular use, these home cinema displays are better suited for those looking to replace a massive projector with something that delivers a better picture, inky blacks, and more contrast and brightness.

LG Ultrawive DVLED TV

Better yet, LG has a few unique sizes to choose from, including the 32:9 aspect ratio ultrawide display shown above. The ultrawide version will let you watch whatever you want, like streaming two football games simultaneously. Or watch a movie while you try to get a Warzone victory in Call of Duty.

These televisions use new LED technology instead of LCD, and there’s no layer on top. Instead, you’re actually viewing the LEDs directly, and in some cases, MicroLEDs similar to what Samsung uses. Obviously, this is just the beginning for this type of technology, and we’re hopeful that in the future, it trickles down to a more manageable 65 or 75-inch form factor we regular folks can afford.

via CNET

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