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This Year’s Microsoft Surface Accessories Are Actually Really Cool

Surface Laptop Studio with Slim Pen 2

This week Microsoft took the stage to announce all sorts of exciting new Surface products. From a revamped Surface tablet lineup, a new Surface Duo 2, the Laptop Studio, and a slew of neat accessories. Here, we’ll be going over the latest Surface Slim Pen 2, Microsoft’s ingenious new Adaptive Kit add-on, and its Earth-friendly Surface Ocean Plastic Mouse.

Note: Be sure to check out all the products revealed at today’s Surface event, including the new Surface Pro 8, the upgraded Go 3, the more affordable Pro X tablet, the Surface Duo 2 Android phone, and the insane Surface Laptop Studio.

What’s great about all the latest Microsoft Surface accessories is they’re backward compatible with older devices. The Slim Pen 2, for example, works with the original Surface Laptop, Studio, and Book, the Pro series, and all the new products coming later this year. Here’s what Surface fans need to know.

Surface Adaptive Kit

Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit for Accessibility

The first thing we want to talk about is Microsoft’s new Surface Adaptive Kit designed for accessibility. This collection of stickers and labels make it easier to open, navigate, and interact with Surface devices. And while they’re designed for accessibility and impaired users, anyone can appreciate the thought behind this accessory.

The Surface Adaptive kit features keycap labels for the keyboard to stay in line, 3-dimensional textured label stickers, port indicators, cable indicators, and even sticky flaps that’ll make it easier to open a Surface laptop.

Essentially, owners can make minor adjustments by putting a circle button label above the headphone port and the same sticker on their headphone cable. Or adding the textured label where the charging port is. As a result, impaired users or clumsy people like myself can easily find a cable, feel around, and know exactly where to plug it in to charge a device.

Adaptive Kit for Surface

These accessories enable small adjustments to improve the experience when finding cables and ports, opening devices, and using compatible devices and accessories daily. In addition, users can personalize their PC to fit individual needs. We also really like that the entire Adaptive kit was created in partnership with people with disabilities to help support a wide variety of different needs and levels.

Microsoft hasn’t announced pricing yet, but it’ll be available later this year.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse from recycled plastic

These days everyone from Apple to Microsoft wants to find ways to minimalize the impacts of technology on the globe. Similar to Apple cutting waste by eliminating charging bricks in newer iPhones. Today, Microsoft announced a neat new mouse perfect for your latest Surface device that’s made from recycled plastic removed from the ocean, and we love it.

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse uses 20% recycled plastic removed from the ocean, and the same goes for its packaging. Better yet, the box is 100% recyclable. It’s also small, lightweight, and efficient and promises roughly 12-months of battery life from a single AA battery. Of course, we would love to see a rechargeable battery here rather than AA, but it’s a start.

Microsoft says the plastic comes from waste that gets recovered from oceans and waterways. Then, a process begins to clean and process it into recyclable plastic resin pellets. These are then blended during a material process and cured into the shell of the mouse.

Additionally, in select markets, Microsoft will provide users with a free mail-in label to recycle old products like a mouse, which is then recycled through contracted partners. Get the new Ocean Mouse for $24.99 from the Microsoft Store or our link below.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

Microsoft’s new environmentally friendly mouse is made from recycled plastic removed from the ocean. Get it today for $24.99.

Surface Slim Pen 2

Surface Pro 8 with Slim Pen 2

And finally, as expected, Microsoft took a moment to debut a new Surface Slim Pen 2 with an improved experience for taking handwritten notes or sketching on devices, all with comfortability, accuracy, and easy charging in mind.

There’s a built-in haptic motor that delivers the same feeling you get when you’re using a pen against a sheet of paper, which Microsoft calls tactile signals. This will give users a tactile response when circling content, jotting down notes, or drawing. The updated design and sharper tip give you pinpoint accuracy, plus it’s easier to hold and has better pressure sensitivity.

The Slim Pen 2 is smaller than ever, features adjustable side and top buttons with a quick eraser functionality, not to mention 15 hours of battery life from a single charge. You can quickly recharge it wirelessly with the included magnetic charger or throw it in the Signature Keyboard or TypeCover to conveniently keep it juiced up and within arms reach.

Get the new Slim Pen 2 for $129 today from the Microsoft Store, with shipping on October 5th.

Surface Slim Pen 2

The new Surface Slim Pen 2 has built-in haptics, more accuracy, and pinpoint precision. Get yours for $129.

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