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The Best Minecraft Gifts for Holiday 2022

Person playing Minecraft with PlayStation 5 controller
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It’s hardly surprising that Minecraft has continued its reign as one of the most popular and best-selling video games of all time since it debuted in 2009. If you’re looking for the best Minecraft gifts for the upcoming holiday season, you’re in luck: We have options for players of all ages.

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Between its open-world design and creative range of characters and biomes, Minecraft is understandably loved by gamers across the world. If you have family members or friends who love Minecraft—or if you’re the one in your bunch who loves the game—grab one (or all) of these clever themed gifts and stocking stuffers. And of course, go download and play Minecraft if you haven’t already!

Squishy, Not Scary: Enderman and Creeper Plush Toys

Enderman and creeper plush toy

While Creepers and Endermen might be terrifying in the game, these officially licensed plush toys are anything but. In fact, they’re soft and squishy and the perfect gift for Minecraft fans. They’ll even look cute in your game streaming room and, no, these mobs won’t blow up your house or misplace your grass blocks—they’ll just sit there and look adorable.

Not a fan of these two mobs? No problem. You’ve got lots of other scary options to choose from, like the Skeleton, Ender Dragon, or Zombie Pigman. Or, you can opt for something cuter like the Baby Wolf, Tuxedo Cat, Mooshroom, or Baby Sheep.

Squishy, Not Scary

Enderman and Creeper Plush Toys

Plushies are awesome, especially when they're from your favorite media, like Minecraft. Grab the creeper and Enderman now, or choose from other favorites.

Minecraft, but IRL: LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine

A fun LEGO-themed Minecraft set

Before Minecraft came out, the only blocky game available was LEGO. If you’re a fan of both, you probably won’t be surprised to learn how well the two mesh or that they’re tons of fun once combined. Take your next adventure into your hands with this adorable 248-piece Abandoned Mine LEGO set.

The set features a small patch of grass and a cave below to go mining in. Be on the lookout for zombies and other dangers, though. Want more LEGO Minecraft adventures? Check out the Ender Dragon Battle Kit, the Nether Warped Forest, and the Desert Illager Raid.

Minecraft, but IRL

LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine

LEGO blocks were the OG Minecraft concept, so grab a themed set and have some fun.

Eeny, Meeny, Mine-y Minis: Minecraft Mini Blind Box

Various mini figurines from the game

This one sells itself—everyone loves miniature figurines. They’re small, cute, and perfect for your bookshelf or desk. Though you only get one mini figure in this Mini Blind Box, each box is inexpensive so you can buy a few without breaking the bank. And what’s more, you won’t know which figure any box contains—it’s anyone’s guess! Possible figurines include a zombie villager, phantom, panda eating a birthday cake, llama, cat, creeper, snow golem, blaze, illager, slimes, shulker box, Enderman, spider, polar bear, and many more.

Eeny, Meeny, Mine-y Minis

Minecraft Mini Blind Box

Collect miniature figurines of your favorite characters and mobs from the game.

The Right Tool for the Job: Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

Transforming pickaxe and sword

Whether you’ll be mining for ore, going hunting, or preparing to fend off angry mobs, you’ll need a sharp pickaxe and an even sharper sword. With this transforming sword and pickaxe, you can thrive in any scenario, plus it’s made out of Minecraft diamond, so it looks pretty neat, too. Its clever design lets you easily transform it between the two tools in one simple motion. The dual-action tool is large yet still light and easy to hold.

The Right Tool for the Job

Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

This fun toy transforms quickly between sword and pickaxe, so you're ready for any task.

Bored? Try the Board Game: Minecraft: Builders & Biomes

Want to play a different type of Minecraft multiplayer? The Minecraft: Builders & Biomes board game from Ravensburger offers a new way for you to explore the game’s Overworld with up to three other friends and family members (ages 10 and up, of course). A game takes roughly 30-60 minutes to play and is a creative take on the iconic title.

In the game, you’ll attempt to mine for resources and build awesome structures, but you’ll need to watch out for dangerous mobs along the way. Players will take turns doing two actions, like exploring the land, mining a resource, building something, collecting weapons, or fighting a mob. It’s super easy to play, even if you never played the video game.

Bored? Try the Board Game


The video game is fun, so it makes sense that board game version of Minecraft would be too, right?

Stay Warm and In Character: Creeper Hoodie

Creeper-themed hoodie for kids zipped all the way up

What’s the best way to stay warm while you play Minecraft? With a hoodie featuring everyone’s favorite mob from the game—the Creeper. This soft hoodie features the mob’s classic blocky green design and is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It has a zip-up front and even zips up over your head to reveal the Creeper face design, which is made of mesh (so you can still breathe when you choose to rock that look.

Stay Warm and In Character

Creeper Hoodie

This fun themed hoodie is perfect to wear while you play Minecraft.

Don’t Forget to Bring a Torch: Light Up Wall-Mount Torch

Minecraft LED torch lamp

One of the handiest things you can craft in the game is a torch, which lights up the area around you (whether you’re in your house or wandering around in the depths of a cave). It also helps keep the angry mobs away—well, most of them anyway. Any Minecraft player worth their salt understands the importance of torches and should stock up on plenty of them just in case.

You can stand this LED torch up a desk or other flat surface, or flip the bottom corner and mount it at a 45-degree angle on a wall so it looks just like it does in the game. It measures 11.5 inches tall and features a 3.7V 1200mAh 18650 rechargeable battery and easily recharges via USB. It lasts for roughly 8 hours on a single charge and takes about 3.5 hours to recharge.

Don't Forget to Bring a Torch

Light Up Wall-Mount Torch

This LED torch looks just like the one in the game, and you can set it on a surface or mount it at an angle on a wall.

A Real Page-Turner: Minecraft: The Island Official Novel

Minecraft: The Island official novel
Max Brooks, Mojang

If you’re looking to get even more immersed in the world of Minecraft, you should check out the first official novel. Minecraft: The Island is written by Max Brooks, the author of World War Z,  and follows the protagonist, who washes up on an unknown beach and quickly realizes there’s little time to find food and do whatever needs to be done to not become food.

The book—and its dozen or so sequel and companion titles—is written for those aged 8-12, but we won’t tell on any older fans who want to check it out. The first book, The Island is 288 pages and contains a lighthearted and fast-paced adventure any Minecraft fan would love.

A Real Page-Turner

Minecraft: The Island Official Novel

Enjoy Minecraft on a different level with this engrossing book based on the game.

Stay Warm While You Play: Mob Face Fleece Blanket

Minecraft themed fleece blanket with mob faces in quilt pattern

Whether you’re gaming on the couch or heading to bed for the night, this adorable Minecraft throw blanket will keep you warm. It features the faces of all the most popular mobs in the game, like creepers, skeletons, mooshrooms, withers, pigs, ghasts, Endermen, and more. The officially licensed blanket measures 45 x 60 inches and is made of lightweight soft fleece.

Stay Warm While You Play

Mob Face Fleece Blanket

Cuddle up while you adventure with this fun fleece blanket that features the faces of all your favorite mobs.

Buy In-Game Goodies: 1,720 Minecoins Pack

Minecoins digital gift card

Anyone who’s played the game knows how fun it is to play in and of itself, but it’s the limitless custom texture packs, skins, and mods that really make Minecraft shine. If you’re looking to explore what the game has to offer beyond the vanilla version in the Minecraft Marketplace, you’ll need to bring all your coins … err, rather, Minecoins.

This digital gift card gets you 1,720 in-game Minecoins, which is a small fortune. You can use them to purchase tons of new skins, worlds, texture packs, and other add-ons. To use the coins, simply redeem the gift card’s code on any of the platforms the game is available on.

Buy In-Game Goodies

1,720 Minecoins Pack

Pay real-world money for in-game texture packs, skins, and worlds. Yep, you hear us right!

Even More Minecraft Goodness: Minecraft Dungeons

Yeah, Minecraft is pretty great, but if you’re ever looking to shake things up, be sure to check out Minecraft Dungeons. The game has its roots in the original game but puts an incredibly creative narrative on top of an exciting and challenging dungeon crawler. You’ll still get to fight off familiar hostile mobs as well as some new ones.

In the game, you’ll be setting off on an epic quest wherein you’ll work to save the innocent villagers and defeat the nefarious Arch-Illager. You’ll get to venture through brand-new territories, fight off hordes of enemies, and have opportunities to upgrade and customize your weapons and armor along the way. Dungeons is a fraction of the cost of the OG game and is available on all major consoles; it also supports online co-op for four players.

Even More Minecraft Goodness

Minecraft Dungeons

Buy, download, and play Minecraft Dungeons on any of the major platforms.

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