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1Password Adds a Temporary Email Generator to Help Avoid Spam

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1Password just launched a new feature that will let users create randomized fake email addresses to help avoid spam and increase privacy. It works similar to Apple’s “Hide my Email” feature and will automatically generate unique email addresses for when you’re forced to sign up for a new account, service, or website but don’t want to make your main email public.

While passwords are obviously important, “your email address is your online identity,” says Bron Gondwana, CEO of Fastmail. Password managers are a helpful tool for staying safe and secure online, but our email address is just as important. In a data breach, you don’t want your primary personal email account compromised.

Now, 1Password has partnered with Fastmail to offer what it’s calling Masked Mail—giving users an email address that’s just as unique, private, and secure as their random passwords.

Hacks usually happen when attackers use information from leaked data breaches to scan for access. They’ll make a list of leaked passwords and email addresses, cross-check them, and try to gain access or phish unassuming users. With 1Password’s Masked Mail, you’ll be at less risk for using a randomly generated email address that’s not tied to your personal account.

These aliases can help cut down on spam, reduce risk, and give you an extra layer of protection and security on all your online accounts. You’ll instantly be able to access FastMail, plus 1Password works across all platforms and on mobile devices.

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