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The New Amazon Smart Thermostat and Video Doorbell Are Truly Affordable

The Amazon Smart Thermostat on a blank wall.

Amazon just wrapped up its Fall product event, and as expected, the company announced a ton of new smart home devices. Highlights include the new, shockingly affordable Amazon Smart Thermostat and Blink Video Doorbell, though we’re also surprised to see new Blink camera mounts and a Ring security hub that doubles as an Eero router.

Here’s a rundown on all the smart home products announced by Amazon. You should also check out the company’s new Echo Show devices, freaky Astro robot, and fitness tracking Halo band.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

The Amazon Smart Thermostat in a living room.

A smart thermostat that won’t break the bank? The brand new Amazon Smart Thermostat costs just $60 and helps you save electricity (and simplify your life) through intelligent routines, Alexa voice commands, and programmable schedules.

Interestingly, Amazon claims that the smart thermostat can learn your preferences and automatically adjust your temperature without any programming, similar to the (much more expensive) Nest Learning Thermostat.

You can pre-order the Amazon Smart Thermostat now to get it by November 4th. While it probably lacks the detailed controls of more expensive options, it looks like a killer device for those who want hands-free thermostat control on a budget.

Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required

Developed with help from Honeywell, the new Amazon Smart Thermostat helps you save on electricity through Alexa-controlled voice commands, smart routines, and in-app temperature schedules. Order it now for $60 and get it November 4th.

Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell outside a front door.

At just $50, the new Blink Video Doorbell is a stupidly good deal. It shoots 1080p video and runs on AA batteries or wired power. It also supports Alexa devices for hands-free control and Echo Show integration. Plus, Amazon says it works with existing doorbell chimes.

Naturally, there are a few features missing from this affordable camera. Amazon makes no mention of a night vision mode, and while you can set up motion-detecting “zones,” there’s no face or object recognition. You also need a Blink Subscription Plan to save videos in the cloud, though you can use a Sync Module 2 for free local storage.

The Blink Video Doorbell costs $50 and ships October 21st. You can pre-order it today in black or white colorways. Of course, I also suggest looking at the Wyze Video Doorbell, which costs just $30 and packs features that are comparable to the Blink Video Doorbell.

Blink Video Doorbell | Two-way audio, HD video, motion and chime app alerts and Alexa enabled — wired or wire-free (Black)

The new Blink Video Doorbell costs just $50, shoots 1080p video, and works with Alexa. It's a killer deal if you need a no-frills video doorbell.

Blink Floodlight Camera Mount and Solar Panel Mount

The Blink Floodlight Cam on the side of a home.

Along with its new smart security hardware, Amazon is debuting two new mounts for the Blink Outdoor Camera. The first is a $40 Floodlight Mount that blasts 700 lumens of beautiful white light when your Blink Outdoor Camera detects motion.

The other is a Solar Power Mount that provides a constant charge for your Blink Outdoor Camera. Unfortunately, this Solar Power Mount is only available in a $130 camera bundle.

Both the Blink Floodlight Mount and Solar Power Mount bundle are available for pre-order. Units ship October 21st.

Floodlight Mount Accessory for Blink Outdoor Camera (3rd Gen) with 2-year battery life (Black)

The Blink Floodlight Mount blasts 700 lumens of bright white light when a connected Outdoor Camera detects motion. It's available as a standalone item or a bundled item with a Blink Outdoor Camera.

Blink Outdoor (3rd Gen) + Solar Panel Charging Mount - wireless, HD smart security camera, solar-powered, motion detection – 1 camera system

Blink's new Solar Power Mount provides a constant charge to any connected Blink Outdoor Camera. Unfortunately, it's only available as a bundled item with a new camera purchase.

Ring Always Home Cam (Invitations Now Open)

A Ring Always Home Cam leaving its base station to fly around a dining room.

During last year’s Amazon hardware event, the company announced a Ring surveillance drone that flies around your home or business throughout the day. The company is now opening invitations for this device, called the Ring Always Home Cam.

Ring Always Home Cam comes with a base station and indoor surveillance drone. It notifies you when something strange is in your home and provides a live feed for you to enjoy from an app.

You can request an invitation to try the Ring Always Home Cam now. Bear in mind that you need to hand Amazon $250 if your invitation request is accepted.

Ring Always Home Cam | Flying indoor cam with multiple perspectives, custom flight paths, and In-Flight Live View

The Ring Always Home Cam automatically surveys your home or business with a small indoor drone. Request an invitation to try it before anyone else.

Ring Alarm Pro Kit (Doubles as Eero Router)

The Ring Alarm Pro behind an end table.

The all-new Ring Alarm Pro is absolutely crazy. Like, genuinely wild. It combines Ring’s security system with an Eero Wi-Fi router, and Ring camera storage device. The all-in-one unit can also function as a hub for 3rd party Z-wave devices, and of course, it has a built-in alarm.

Amazon is selling the Ring Alarm Pro base station for $250, though if you’re new to Ring, I suggest paying $300 for the eight-piece security kit with door and window sensors, a motion detector, a range extender, and security keypad. Orders ship November 3rd. (You can replace your current Ring base station with the new Ring Alarm Pro without reconnecting all your devices, according to Amazon.)

Oh, Amazon has also debuted a new Ring Protect Pro subscription for $20 a month (or $200 a year). It includes 24/7 internet backup, cloud and local storage, and an Eero Pro subscription. Amazon also offers professional monitoring (so you don’t need to check your own cameras) and Alexa Guard Plus.

Ring Alarm Pro 8-Piece Kit - built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router and 30-day free Ring Protect Pro subscription

The Ring Alarm Pro is a hub for all your home security devices. It also doubles as an Eero router and storage device for Ring cameras. Order it now to get it November 3rd.

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