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Everything Announced at Amazon’s September 2021 Hardware Event

A collage of Amazon's new products.

Amazon just announced a ton of crazy new products, including a $50 Blink Video Doorbell and an Echo Show with an interactive projector. Many of these new devices are available for pre-order, and some are open for Day-One registration. Here’s everything Amazon announced today, including any available pre-order links.

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The Bizarre Astro Robot

Amazon Astro with its periscope camera extended.

Of all the devices announced during today’s event, the Astro robot is by far the strangest. It’s not a robot vacuum—instead, it’s an Echo Show display on wheels with a bunch of cameras, including an extendable periscope camera to look at surroundings.

Astro may be the most compelling take on a home assistant robot we’ve ever seen. Not only does it provide home surveillance from anywhere, but it doubles as an Echo Show video chat screen, an Alexa smart speaker, or an autonomous cup holder (at least, I think those are cup holders on its back).

Amazon is offering invites to be first in line for Astro. Those with an invite can buy it for $1,000. People who purchase the robot later will end up spending $1,500.

Astro Home Monitoring Robot

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Astro can follow you from room to room, check if the dogs are the couch, or help you video chat with a relative. Sign up for an invite to be first in line for the new product.

An Amazon Glow Video Chat Device for Kids

A child using Amazon Glow with books projected on the table.

As funny as it sounds, I’m a bit obsessed with the new Amazon Glow. It’s a video chat device with an interactive projector that beams games and puzzles for kids. Amazon advertises the device as a method to connect children with faraway family members.

Amazon has opened invitations for the Amazon Glow. If your invite is accepted, you’ll be first in line to grab one for $250.

Amazon Glow | Interactive Entertainment & Video-Calling | Learn, play, read, create. Together | Kids 3-9+

Amazon Glow is a smart display that projects interactive games on a table or surface for children. It's perfect for quality time with faraway family members. Amazon says Glow will launch later this year, though you can sign up for an invitation to be first in line for the device.

Amazon’s Affordable Smart Thermostat

The Amazon Smart Thermostat on a white background.

Why spend a fortune on a smart thermostat? The new Amazon Smart Thermostat costs just $60 and allows you to control your home temperature through schedules, routines, or Alexa voice controls. Amazon says that the Smart Thermostat can also learn your temperature preferences over time, sort of like the Nest Learning Thermostat.

You can pre-order the Amazon Smart Thermostat now. Products ship November 4th.

Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required

Developed with help from Honeywell, the new Amazon Smart Thermostat helps you save on electricity through Alexa-controlled voice commands, smart routines, and in-app temperature schedules. Order it now for $60 and get it November 4th.

The $50 Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell on a white background.

A $50 smart doorbell? Amazon’s new Blink Video Doorbell is a great no-frills option for those who want to see when people come and go. It shoots 1080p video and can detect motion in pre-programmed zones.

Pre-orders for the Blink Video Doorbell ship October 21st. Keep in mind that you need a Blink Subscription Plan to save videos in the cloud or a Sync Module 2 for free local storage.

Blink Video Doorbell | Two-way audio, HD video, motion and chime app alerts and Alexa enabled — wired or wire-free (Black)

The new Blink Video Doorbell costs just $50, shoots 1080p video, and works with Alexa. It's a killer deal if you need a no-frills video doorbell. Order it now to get it October 21st.

Amazon’s Massive Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 with notes and widgets.

The Echo Show 15 is a real stand-out device. It’s what Alexa fans have wanted for so long—a control center that’s thin like a picture frame and can hang on your wall (or sit on a stand). It has unique widgets that set it apart from other Echo Show devices, and its fairly large display makes it a great option for streaming video in the kitchen.

Amazon says the Echo Show 15 is “coming soon,” though you can sign up for release notifications at the Amazon marketplace.

New Blink Outdoor Camera Mounts

The Blink Floodlight Cam on the side of a home.

Two new Blink Outdoor Camera mounts! The Floodlight Mount automatically illuminates a scene when your Outdoor Camera detects motion, and the fancy Solar Power Mount provides a constant charge to your Outdoor Camera.

Pre-orders for the new Blink Floodlight and Solar Power mounts ship October 21st. You can buy the Floodlight Mount as a standalone product or bundled item. For whatever reason, the Solar Power Mount is only available in a bundle with a Blink Outdoor Camera.

Floodlight Mount Accessory for Blink Outdoor Camera (3rd Gen) with 2-year battery life (Black)

The Blink Floodlight Mount blasts 700 lumens of bright white light when a connected Outdoor Camera detects motion. It's available as a standalone item or a bundled item with a Blink Outdoor Camera. Order it now to get it October 21st.

Blink Outdoor (3rd Gen) + Solar Panel Charging Mount - wireless, HD smart security camera, solar-powered, motion detection – 1 camera system

Blink's new Solar Power Mount provides a constant charge to any connected Blink Outdoor Camera. Unfortunately, it's only available as a bundled item with a new camera purchase. Order it now to get it October 21st.

Ring’s Alarm Pro Hub Doubles as a Wi-Fi Router

The Ring Alarm Pro on a white background

This thing is crazy. The new Ring Alarm Pro combines Ring’s security system with Ring video storage and Eero Wi-Fi capabilities. In other words, its an all-in-one system and Wi-Fi router for your smart home.

Amazon is selling the Ring Alarm Pro base station for $250. But if you’re new to Ring, I suggest paying $300 for the eight-piece security kit with door and window sensors, a motion detector, a range extender, and security keypad.

Ring Alarm Pro pre-orders ship November 3rd. Amazon says that you can replace your current Ring base station with the new Ring Alarm Pro without reconnecting all your devices, according to Amazon.

Ring Alarm Pro 8-Piece Kit - built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router and 30-day free Ring Protect Pro subscription

The Ring Alarm Pro is a hub for all your home security devices. It also doubles as an Eero router and storage device for Ring cameras. Order it now to get it November 3rd.

The Flying Ring Always Home Cam

The Ring Always Home Cam leaving its base station.

Okay, why not? Amazon is finally releasing its Ring Always Home Cam, a video surveillance drone that flies around your home. It can follow a pre-planned flight path and provide a live video feed for you to observe.

Amazon has opened invitations for the Ring Always Home Cam, which starts at $250. Sign up for an invitation to get the surveillance drone before anyone else.

Ring Always Home Cam | Flying indoor cam with multiple perspectives, custom flight paths, and In-Flight Live View

The Ring Always Home Cam automatically surveys your home or business with a small indoor drone. Request an invitation to try it before anyone else.

Halo View Fitness Band and New Subscription Services

The Amazon Halo View fitness band in black, green, and purple.

Amazon’s new Halo View band is very similar to a Fitbit, packing fitness and sleep tracking into a slim form-factor. It also has a blood oxygen sensor and costs just $80. For that price, it’s hard to ignore any fitness tracker.

The Halo View band is accompanied by new Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition services that help guide you through workouts and tighten up your diet. Interestingly, the device comes with a free year of Halo Fitness.

Amazon hasn’t announced a release date for Halo View, but you can sign up for release notifications on the Amazon marketplace

‘Hey Disney’ Voice Assistant for Echo Devices

A "Hey Disney" banner with Dori, Chewbaca, Mickey Mouse, and Princess Tiana

Disney voices are coming to replace Alexa! Next year, Amazon will let you talk to your favorite Disney characters through your Echo device—if you’re willing to buy voices, that is.

Until these voices are available for regular people, they’re exclusive to Disney hotels and resorts. Disney is placing Echo speakers in all of its hotels and resorts so guests can ask Mickey for more towels or ask Princess Tiana when Epcot opens.

Alexa Together Family Monitoring Service

Alexa together subscription

And finally, there’s the new Alexa Together subscription service. It ensures that families can interact with and keep track of their older relatives, with urgent response features, access to emergency helplines, and several other features that were first debuted in Amazon’s Alexa Care Hub.

Amazon says that its devices can provide independence to elderly people by allowing them to quickly make video calls, ask for news, stream radio stations, and connect with family members. Alexa Together simply extends that functionality to help multiple family members and caretakers keep track of older relatives and any emergency requests they make to Alexa.

The subscription is free for the first 6-months, then runs $19.99 per month. Former Alexa Care customers get a year of Alexa Together for Free.

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