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Black Friday 2018: The Best Networking and Storage Deals

Have you considered upgrading your router, or installing a mesh-routing solution? Maybe you’ve considered buying a personal cloud storage device to streamline your work-flow. Black Friday is in full swing, so now’s the best time to save hundreds on networking devices and storage.

But why would you buy a new router? Well, to increase your Wi-Fi’s speed and coverage. The router that’s provided by your ISP may have lackluster coverage, and it may not be able to handle more than a few devices at a time. If you’re nervous that a big ugly router won’t fix your Wi-Fi woes, then you should grab a Mesh Wi-Fi solution like Google Wi-Fi or the Linksys Velop. Mesh Wi-Fi solutions are basically a group of little routers that you spread throughout your home for maximum coverage, and they’ve been heavily discounted for Black Friday.

Personal Cloud Storage seems like a daunting, geeky idea, but it’s actually quite simple and cost-effective. It’s sort of like an external hard drive that’s connected to your Wi-Fi. All of your devices can remotely access your personal cloud, which makes file transfer and video streaming easy. For those of you familiar with older NAS (Network Attached Storage) designs, it’s like that plus really good connectivity. Instead of paying monthly fees for a cloud service, you can take advantage of Black Friday and grab a personal cloud device for less than $200.

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