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Apple’s Latest Update Makes it Easier to Find Lost AirPods

Justin Duino / Review Geek

If you own a pair of AirPods Pro, you’ll want to make sure they’re on the latest update. This week, Apple released a firmware update for its AirPods Pro and AirPods Max that will let you use the Find My app and network to find your lost AirPods.

Apple promised the feature back with the announcement of iOS 15, but it’s only just now arriving for users. According to 9to5Mac, Apple rolled started rolling out the update on October 5th, and users should be getting it as we speak.

Basically, you’ll want to make sure your AirPods are updated right away before you lose them. That way, it’ll be easier to track those little gadgets down. Before today, owners could already use Apple’s Find My app to see the last paired location, but this takes it a step further. Now, you can activate “Lost Mode” on the AirPods Pro or Max, and they’ll communicate will millions of other iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Macs, and more around the globe to help you find them.

Apple Find My app

Like AirTags, if your updated AirPods come into range of another device and a Bluetooth connection is found, you’ll be alerted to their location. This way, owners can quickly return to a park, restaurant, or other places to find their buds.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick manual way to update your AirPods, and instead, you’ll have to rely on Apple to roll it out to all users quickly. That said, Apple is usually pretty fast with updates, so the wait shouldn’t be too long. It’s worth mentioning that pairing your AirPods to a phone over Bluetooth, then putting them in the case and on a charger may trigger the update.

You can easily check if your AirPods Pro or Max are on the latest update by seeing if they show up as a device in your Find My app. If so, you’re all set and can rest assured knowing they’ll be easier to find if lost.

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