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Who We Are

unnamedJason Fitzpatrick has never met a gadget he didn’t want to play with, benchmark, and take apart. If you want a strong opinion on what toys you should spend your filthy lucre on, he’s got one to share.


Michael Crider has been covering technology on the web since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order. He wrote a novel called Good Intentions: A Supervillain Story, and it’s available on Amazon.


harryguinnessHarry Guinness‘s aim in life is to be a millionaire before he’s 25. He’s 27. He’s not a millionaire. He is, however, still working on it.

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Caroline Stewart is a computer science student who dabbles in tech writing for beer money and to fund her dog’s extravagant lifestyle.


Keanan Koppenhaver is Review Geek’s Developer. He hails from Chicago where he codes all the things and tries to keep his cat from sending too many errant Slack messages.

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unnamedErik Wang is responsible for advertising, affiliate relationships, and various strategic business engagements of Review Geek.

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lowellLowell Heddings, better known online as The Geek, is the founder of How-To Geek and Review Geek. He spends all his free time making sure you get the best how-to guides, reviews, and tech commentary everyday, and has been doing so for over ten years.

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