Why You Need to Own an External SSD

If you’re shopping for computer peripherals, an external solid-state drive (SSD) probably isn’t at the top of your shopping list. While your PC or laptop will function without one, the benefits really outweigh the price, and a good external SSD should be a priority for everyone.

Tesla’s Next Product Might Go On Your Head

This week we learned that Tesla recently applied for an expansion of its trademark into the audio segment. The company added a trademark to sell audio equipment like speakers or headphones under its brand, suggesting your next Tesla purchase could go on your head.

Rivian’s Next EV Could Be an E-Bike

Late last year, the popular new auto manufacturer Rivan finally released its R1T electric truck, but now it looks like they’re ready to jump into different market segments. In fact, Rivian could be getting ready to make electric bikes according to its latest trademark filings.

Satechi Launches the Only MacBook Dongles You’ll Ever Need

For many MacBook users, dongles are simply part of life. Getting back old ports and accessory options Apple’s since left behind. If you’re looking for one dongle that does a little of everything, Satechi has you covered. This week, Satechi announced the Pro Hub Max and a powerful USB4 Multiport Adapter with future-proof features like 8K HDMI.
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