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Is It Worth Adding AirTags to Luggage?

Even when you’re headed to a tranquil beach, traveling for a vacation can be stressful, especially if the airline loses your bag. It’s one of the worst feelings ever, so if you’re wondering, “Is it worth adding AirTags to luggage?” here’s how one can help.

Chipolo One Review: It’s Awesome On Paper

The Chipolo One delivers awesome out-of-range tracking features for locating some of your most important items with the help of a clean and simple companion app. But rather subpar Bluetooth performance and spotty notifications are roadblocks you may find yourself hindered by when using the device.

The Best USB-C to Ethernet Adapters

Wi-Fi internet offers convenience, multi-device connection, and perfect cable management, among others, but struggles with speed. If you want true Gigabit Ethernet and improved security, you’d be better off with a wired LAN Ethernet connection. Sadly, most modern computers lack an Ethernet port.

Logitech Joins the iFixit Repair Revolution

Thanks to a new partnership, iFixit will provide genuine replacement parts and repair guides for Logitech devices. The companies will begin with Logitech’s MX Master and MX Anywhere mice before moving on to other products, including keyboards, headphones, speakers, webcams, and gaming peripherals.

You Can Now Buy Starlink Internet at Best Buy

If you’re interested in Elon Musk’s high-speed satellite internet service Starlink, we have good news. This week, Best Buy started selling residential SpaceX Starlink dishes on its website, making it easier than ever for consumers to try it.
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