Whirlwind FX ATOM Keyboard Review: A Few Bright Spots

While 60% keyboards can be tough to use for newcomers, they can save a lot of space and are very popular for it. But as more and more companies create compact boards like this, it’s getting harder to stand out. So, Whirlwind FX is attempting to do so with some nifty RGB features in the ATOM keyboard.

3rd Gen AirPods Debut With Spatial Audio & More for $179

Today after months of reports and rumors, Apple finally announced the all-new fully redesigned 3rd Gen AirPods with spatial audio and more. These new AirPods borrow design elements and features from the more expensive AirPods Pro in a similar yet updated design over the originals. Here’s what you need to know and when you can get your own.

Luna Display Now Turns Your iPad Into a Second Windows Monitor

Luna Display from AstropadĀ is a neat product that turns your iPad into a wireless second display monitor. And while it was initially only available for the Mac, this week, the company announced full support for Windows machines, making it more useful than ever. Yes, this little gadget will turn your iPad into a wireless second monitor for a Windows PC.

Ray-Ban Stories Review: Get These Off My Face

The Ray-Ban Stories, or “Facebook Glasses,” as many people will come to know them, are an interesting product: a pair of glasses that can play audio, take pictures, and shoot videos. It sounds cool in theory, but they’re of questionable usefulness, and Facebook’s involvement with them muddies the waters even more.
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