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Microsoft Adds AI Image Creation to New Bing

Last month, Microsoft introduced “New Bing,” an AI chatbot attached to the Bing search engine. This week, the company is expanding its generative AI offerings by adding Bing Image Creator into the mix, allowing users to describe the image they want to see and having the AI generate it for them.

Sorry ChatGPT, You Can’t Get a Copyright for Solo Work

With the generative AI revolution fully underway, many people have questions about the ownership and copyright status of text and images created with technology like ChatGPT and DALL-E. This week, the U.S. Copyright Office weighed in with new rules for authors and artists registering AI material.

Why Every Photo You Take Is “Fake”

Artificial intelligence has invaded your smartphone camera with a singular goal—to ruin your photos and fill your head with lies! At least, that’s the idea you might see in some headlines. Smartphone camera technology is advancing rapidly, leading to some confusion about what’s “real” and “fake.”
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