The 30 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad

Whether you’re looking for casual fun, brainteasers, or gripping action games, these are some of our favorite offline games for iPhone or iPad. Just remember, you’ll want to download and open any of these games before going offline to ensure they’ll work and have everything fully loaded and ready to go.

Google Will Try to Protect Your Kids from Google

Google is making several much-needed changes to protect the privacy of your kids. Not only will the company prevent ad targeting based on kids’ age, gender, or interests, but it will let kids request that their photos be removed from Images. Plus, Google will launch a privacy-focused Play Store category and enable Safe Search and privacy settings on kids’ accounts by default.

The 8 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop has been the go-to photo editor for decades, and it’s easily one of the best photo editors on the market. But that doesn’t mean Photoshop is for everyone, and there is a lot of photo editing software out there that beat it in affordability or features, or just bring something new to the table.

Google Play Pass Adds 8 New Games

A surprise update to Google Play Pass adds 8 new games, including the popular platformer Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition. This update comes as Google prepares to launch Android 12, an OS upgrade that includes a few special features for gamers.

The FCC Wants to Improve Internet Access, Here’s How to Help

How fast is your internet? If you aren’t sure, you can always perform a speed test through Ookla. But what if checking your speeds could lead to improvements down the road? That’s what the FCC is (almost) promising, as it asks people to voluntarily check speeds with the FCC app on¬†iOS¬†and¬†Android.
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