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Why I Left Google Maps For Waze

When it comes to maps and navigation, you probably want something that gets you from point A to B as quickly as possible and avoids traffic, police, or accidents. And while there are many options available, I switched from Google Maps to Waze this year, and I’m not switching back.

NFL+ Leaves Your TV Out of Its Streaming Service

Earlier this year, we reported on the NFL’s plans to eliminate its free out-of-market and primetime streaming options on Yahoo! Sports and other apps and replace them with a paid service. Today, the “Shield” officially announced and launched NFL+, its first streaming service.

Relive Your Favorite Music Concerts with Setify

Have you ever loved the set list at a live concert so much that you wish you could easily listen to it over and over again? Or missed a concert by your favorite artist but still want to hear each song? If so, the web app Setify is worth checking out.

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad of 2022

Creating high-quality videos no longer requires a high-end computer, expensive software, and years of editorial training. Today, anyone can make pro-level video content with the device they carry around in their pocket. If you’re reading this on an iPhone or an iPad, these apps might be just what you’re looking for.

Spotify Bought Our Favorite ‘Wordle’ Alternative

The game Wordle took over the internet for a good while earlier this year, and dozens of similar trivia games emerged trying to emulate its success. Today, Spotify announced it acquired Heardle, our favorite Wordle alternative, and instead of guessing a new word each day, you guess a popular song.

Turn Your Spotify Playlists Into a Dream Music Festival Poster

When it comes to social media, people love sharing everything. Spotify wrapped year in review playlists are a popular social trend each year, and last week we shared the fun new Spotify Iceberg trend floating around social media. But what if you could create a music festival poster curated from your Spotify playlist?
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