Here’s Why Google Nest Owners Are Losing Sleep

One of Google Assistant’s best features, simply called ambient sound, can rock you to sleep with the repetitive noise of a babbling brook, a fireplace, or white noise. Unfortunately, Google has replaced its white noise sound with a quieter, “muffled” audio file, and its customers aren’t happy.

Monster’s New Bluetooth Speaker Pays Homage to the Boombox

Ready to blast your music down the block? Monster’s latest Bluetooth speaker, the Blaster 3.0, is a bold new take on retro boombox design. While it doesn’t have a cassette player or integrated radio, the loud-as-heck Blaster 3.0 sports a proper carrying handle and costs less than similar products from brands like JBL.

How to Clean Your Vinyl Records

There’s nothing in the world quite like vinyl. However, once you take your new albums home from the record store, you’ll need to keep them clean so they last for years. Wondering how to clean a vinyl record? Keep reading—we have all the info.

These Popular Jabra Earbuds Will Gain Multipoint Bluetooth In a Future Update

Multipoint is one of those Bluetooth features that manufacturers and customers tend to overlook, and I really can’t figure out why. It lets you connect earbuds with multiple devices at once, eliminating the need to re-pair the Bluetooth signal as you jump from your phone to your laptop. Now, Jabra says it’s bringing Multipoint to the Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active, and I couldn’t be happier.

Tascam Revives Rare Cassettes for Vintage Four-Track Recorders

Four-track recorders like the Tascam Portastudio gave thousands of artists their introduction to at-home music recording through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. But despite a revived interest in tape, it’s now very difficult to find high-quality cassettes for at-home recording. The solution? Well, Tascam is making more tapes.
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