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What are Hearables?

Odds are, you’ve heard of wearables—think fitness trackers, smart clothing, smartwatches, and display glasses. But what about hearables? We have all the info on what they are, who should use them, how they can help you, and where you can get them.

Wyze Buds Review: Muddy Sound Quality Ruins a Solid Pair of Earbuds

Affordable wireless earbuds have come a long way, to the point where a $25 pair of Skullcandy’s can deliver decent audio quality. That’s great news for customers like you and me, but it also means that the bar’s higher than it used to be. And unfortunately, the $53 Wyze Buds fail to reach that bar because of muddy sound quality.

I Hate Bluetooth Audio: Here’s Why

We’re knee-deep in the world of Bluetooth, and the average customer has absolutely zero interest in wired headphones or speakers. Still, they complain about Bluetooth, and I happily complain with them. Bluetooth audio is one of the biggest downgrades in tech history—outside of a few situations, it’s the worst possible alternative to a messy wad of headphone cables.

Soundcore Life P3 Review: The Best AirPods Alternative?

Anker’s audio brand, called Soundcore, manages to routinely undercut the competition with its affordable-yet-impressive wireless earbuds. And the company’s latest fare takes things to a new level. The Soundcore Life P3 earbuds cost just $80, but they offer impressive sound quality with stellar bass, solid ANC and Ambient modes, and an app that doesn’t suck.
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