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Enjoy the Outdoors With This EV Charging Camper Trailer

People everywhere are excited about electric vehicles, especially with all the exciting new electric trucks that are here or on the way. And while models like Rivian’s R1T truck is an adventure vehicle, range is still a concern when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors with an EV.

What EV Charging Station Apps Do I Need on My Phone?

Once you get an electric vehicle, you’ll quickly realize some of your favorite gas stations don’t offer EV charging. That’s why Tesla, Electrify America, and many third-party brands have apps to help you track down the best, fastest, or nearest electric vehicle charging station.

Tesla Finally Releases a CCS Charging Adapter

After a long wait, Tesla has finally released an official CCS adapter for North America that allows Tesla drivers to use off-brand public charging stations. The new CCS Combo 1 (CCS1) to Tesla plug is now available in North America for $250.

Ram to Debut Its 1500 Electric Truck Concept in November

In April, we got our first teaser of the upcoming RAM 1500 EV, but the brand is still way behind the Ford, Chevy, and Rivian competition. While the full-size electric truck won’t arrive until 2024, it looks like we’ll get our first full look at the Ram truck this November.

Do EVs Need Snow Tires?

Several tire manufacturers, from Hankook to Goodyear and Michelin, have released EV-specific tires lately, which has many potential buyers wondering if EVs need special tires. And with the colder winter months coming up, a bigger question is, “does my EV need snow tires?”

Are Portable Car Jump Starters Worth Buying?

No one wants to get stranded with a dead battery and a car that won’t start, then dig out the jumper cables and find another vehicle to give you a jump start. And you don’t have to, as long as you own a portable jump starter.
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