This Prototype Lunar Electric Motorcycle Wants to Help NASA on the Moon

Lunar vehicles like the Perseverance Rover have done some incredible things, but it’s too small to carry people. Then, bigger Lunar rovers are often large, heavy, 4-wheeled electric vehicles that take up a lot of space. However, a German motorcycle design company named Hookie has a new electric motorcycle it hopes to drive on the moon one day.

Your Android Phone May Soon Double As a Digital Car Key

Google is getting ready to release Android 12 to the masses, and buried in the release alongside an upcoming Google Play Services update, the folks at XDA Developers found digital car key support for Android. Back in May, Google announced that it would join Apple in letting folks unlock cars with an Android phone, and now it looks like the release is right around the corner.

Chevy Bolt Battery Replacement Begins as Recall Moves Ahead

After several delays and production halts, it looks like GM has finally begun replacing recalled Chevy Bolt EV batteries. In September, we learned that replacement battery packs could be available in October rather than late November, and now, according to Ars Technica, GM has started reaching out to owners and scheduling replacement services to get vehicles safely back on the road.

GM Plans to Take On Tesla With New $30,000 Electric Crossover

On Wednesday, GM announced some ambitious financial targets aiming to double revenue by 2030 thanks to an increase of new electric and battery-electric vehicles coming soon. Furthermore, the company took aim at the number one EV manufacturer in the US, Tesla, by announcing an upcoming affordable $30,000 EV Crossover.

Tesla Quietly Hikes the Price of Its Most Popular EVs

Over the last year, we’ve seen several price increases for some of Tesla’s most popular vehicles, and yesterday another one arrived overnight. The last time we saw Tesla increase prices was to the base Model Y back in July, but now two of Tesla’s best-selling EVs are getting another bump. Starting today, the most affordable Tesla starts at $42,000.
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