Winnebago’s First All-Electric Camper Concept Is a Disappointment

Carmakers finally know how to build electric cars that can drive further than old-fashioned gas guzzlers. But there’s still one major hurdle for electrification—heavy duty trucks and recreational vehicles weigh too much for existing batteries and electric powertrains. And unfortunately, Winnebago’s first all-electric camper concept proves this point.

This Electric Flying Boat Will Be Made In The U.S.

REGENT, a startup that received over $9 million in funding last year for its ambitious new coastal cities transportation seaglider, thanks to investors from Shark Tank, has announced plans to manufacture and build its “electric seaglider” in the United States.

Rivian’s Next EV Could Be an E-Bike

Late last year, the popular new auto manufacturer Rivan finally released its R1T electric truck, but now it looks like they’re ready to jump into different market segments. In fact, Rivian could be getting ready to make electric bikes according to its latest trademark filings.

GM Fast Tracks Its Heavy-Duty Electric Pickup Plans

General Motors and other carmakers have already debuted their first electric pickup trucks, but they’re still unable to produce a heavy-duty electric pickup due to technological constraints. In fact, GM recently stated that it wouldn’t electrify its heavy-duty vehicles until 2040. But the company made a surprising announcement during CES 2022—it’s fast tracking HD pickup development.
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