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Einride’s Massive Autonomous Trucks Approved for U.S. Roads

Einride, the Swedish autonomous vehicle startup, is ready to release its massive self-driving semi vehicles to U.S. public roads later this year. Following a press release today, the company confirmed it received approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to operate its fleet.

Is Charging an EV Cheaper Than Filling a Car With Gas?

With gas prices going through the roof and showing no signs of slowing down, we’re seeing more people debate the switch to an EV or hybrid vehicle. If you’re on the fence about going electric and are wondering, “is it cheaper to charge an EV than filling a car with gas?” you’re not alone.

Telsa “Locks” Cybertruck Design and Clarifies Planned Release Date

After several years of work, Tesla has “finally locked” the Cybertruck’s design. Elon Musk confirmed the company’s progress in a new segment of the (outrageously long) interview with Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley. He also clarified the planned Cybertruck production date, which is now aimed for mid-2023 instead of just “next year.”

5 Biggest Problems with EVs

The electric vehicle market has been on a roll lately and showing no signs of slowing down. We have stunning cars and rugged electric trucks. And while most EVs are stylish, fast, powerful, and offer the latest luxury features, it’s not all good news.

Check Out These DIY Electric Vehicle Builds

As we all know by now, electric vehicles are expensive. And if you want to get a classic car converted into an EV, it’ll cost you even more. As a result, we’re seeing more people convert old gas-powered vehicles to EVs themselves.

Rivian Delays Delivery of Its R1S Electric SUV, Again

Building a new electric vehicle brand from scratch, then beating big names like Ford to market is no easy task. And while Rivian did precisely that after several delays with the exciting R1T electric truck, the new R1S all-electric SUV is facing similar struggles.

Polestar Will Join The Massive Hertz EV Rental Fleet

Hertz is making a big push into the electric vehicle space for its fleet of rental cars, starting with Tesla and now Polestar. Late last year, Hertz placed an order for 100,000 Tesla vehicles, and now they’ll get another 65,000 from Polestar over the next five years.

Here’s How Car Wi-Fi Works

These days having reliable access to the internet is pretty essential, and that includes while you’re in a car. Thankfully, car Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly more common, but it’s not always clear how it works, how fast it is, or if you (and passengers) can use it when the car is off.
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