GM Plans to Take On Tesla With New $30,000 Electric Crossover

On Wednesday, GM announced some ambitious financial targets aiming to double revenue by 2030 thanks to an increase of new electric and battery-electric vehicles coming soon. Furthermore, the company took aim at the number one EV manufacturer in the US, Tesla, by announcing an upcoming affordable $30,000 EV Crossover.

Tesla Quietly Hikes the Price of Its Most Popular EVs

Over the last year, we’ve seen several price increases for some of Tesla’s most popular vehicles, and yesterday another one arrived overnight. The last time we saw Tesla increase prices was to the base Model Y back in July, but now two of Tesla’s best-selling EVs are getting another bump. Starting today, the most affordable Tesla starts at $42,000.

The First Jeep Grand Cherokee Plug-in Hybrid Arrives Packed With Features

The all-new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is finally official in several trim levels, including a new¬†4xe plug-in hybrid model (PHEV) promising a 25-mile electric range. Jeep’s new hybrid electric Cherokee pairs a turbocharged engine with dual electric motors to deliver more power than the standard V6, and it’ll be available early next year.

GM Temporarily Abandons Its Super Cruise Self-Driving Feature

Since its 2017 debut, GM’s Super Cruise has remained one of the best hands-free driver-assist tools available in any vehicle. But good luck finding a car with the feature! GM now confirms that it’s dropping Super Cruise from the 2022 Cadillac Escalade. Other cars with Super Cruise, such as the Chevy Bolt, are currently out of production or delayed.

Ford Recalls Mustang Mach-E for Windshield and Glass Roof Dangers

Ford continues to face struggles with its first mass-produced electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E. After¬†Ford recalled dozens of the first Mach-Es earlier this year for loose subframe bolts, now it’s saying the windshield and glass panoramic roof may become loose, leak, or even fly off while you’re driving. And that’s not good.

Stella Vita Is the World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Camper

Electric vehicles and becoming more and more mainstream, and now a group of students are looking past traditional cars and into campers. Twenty-two students from¬†The Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology have created the world’s first fully solar-powered camper. Complete with pop-out side panels and a pop-up roof for more room, delivering a 450-mile range.

Audi Took Its E-Tron Hybrid to the Desert for the Ultimate Endurance Test

Audi released its E-Tron GT electric car in the United States earlier this year, but that’s not where the fun ends. The company has several trim levels of the EV, including an epic offroad-friendly Audi RS Q E-Tron hybrid, which it’s taking to the Dakar Rally event in a few months. Ahead of the event, Audi took its offroader to the deserts of Morocco for the ultimate endurance test.
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