Amazon Might Launch a 15-Inch Wall Echo Display and Other Devices

Amazon is apparently busy preparing several exciting new products, which could be announced at its upcoming September 28th hardware event. According to Bloomberg, a 15-inch “Wall Echo” display is in the works that could double as a control center for smart homes, not to mention several new Amazon Fire and Echo products.

This Year’s Microsoft Surface Accessories Are Actually Really Cool

This week Microsoft took the stage to announce all sorts of exciting new Surface products. From a revamped Surface tablet lineup, a new Surface Duo 2, the Laptop Studio, and a slew of neat accessories. Here, we’ll be going over the latest Surface Slim Pen 2, Microsoft’s ingenious new Adaptive Kit add-on, and its Earth-friendly Surface Ocean Plastic Mouse.

HP Announces a Windows 11 Tablet With a Pop-Up Webcam

No, that’s not a new Surface product. It’s the HP 11-inch Tablet, a versatile Windows 11 device with a pop-up camera. Launching this December, the HP 11-Inch Tablet (that’s really its name) looks like a compelling alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Go, although it falls short in a few areas.
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