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How Many Mesh Router Satellites Do You Need for Your Home?

Getting ready to upgrade your Wi-Fi setup? A mesh Wi-Fi system will eliminate dead spots across your home by extending coverage through several satellites or nodes. It’s an interesting idea, but every home is different, so it’s difficult to tell how many mesh Wi-Fi satellites you’ll actually need.

Acer Bets That Gamers Will Sacrifice FPS for Glasses-Free 3D

The trend that nobody asked for is back. At least, that’s what Acer is betting on with its newest gaming laptops and monitors. Using advanced “SpatialLabs” technology, these new devices automatically convert 2D content into glasses-free 3D. But the immersion offered by this feature comes at a price.

Microsoft Killed Its Best Tool for Right to Repair

An independent study Microsoft funded recently showed that improving repair processes could prevent greenhouse gases and avoid e-waste. But it’s easy to “study” an issue, harder to solve it. Unfortunately, Microsoft killed its best tool to tackle repairability—brick and mortar Microsoft Stores.
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