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‘God of War Ragnarok’ Is for Every Gamer Now

Video games can be tons of fun for gamers of all ages, but they aren’t always easy for everyone to play. That’s why Santa Monica Studios just added over 60 accessibility options to the PC version of God of War Ragnarok—to ensure gamers of all abilities can enjoy it.

Arcade1Up Pinball Cabinet Review: A Great Start

As a child of the ’80s and ’90s, owning a pinball machine wasn’t something I could fathom when I was young. But if it had occurred to me, I would have loved it. With Arcade1Up’s pinball cabinets, the company tries to thread the needle between accessibility and realism. And it gets pretty darn close.

Acer Bets That Gamers Will Sacrifice FPS for Glasses-Free 3D

The trend that nobody asked for is back. At least, that’s what Acer is betting on with its newest gaming laptops and monitors. Using advanced “SpatialLabs” technology, these new devices automatically convert 2D content into glasses-free 3D. But the immersion offered by this feature comes at a price.

This HyperX Headset Lasts 300 Hours on a Charge, but How?

We could hardly believe our ears when HyperX announced the Cloud Alpha Wireless headset. Not only does it come at the low price of just $200, but it lasts 300 hours on a charge—something we verified in our detailed review. Still, HyperX hasn’t explained this battery wizardry. But iFixit may have an answer.
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