Best Buy Wants To Be a PS5 Scalper Now

Earlier this year, Best Buy debuted a new paid membership program similar to Amazon Prime with exclusive perks, including unlimited Geek Squad support, free delivery, and a 60-day return window. Unfortunately, it looks like they want to use it to become a PS5 and Xbox Series X scalper, as the company is hiding product inventory behind that paid membership.

Nintendo Says Joy-Con Drift Is Unavoidable, But iFixit Says It’s Repairable

Nintendo has finally acknowledged Joy-Con drift, the phenomenon where Joy-Con thumbsticks fail to center properly, causing in-game characters to wander in unintended directions. And while we’re happy to see Nintendo show a bit of honesty here, the company doesn’t offer a solution to the problem. It also fails to mention that Joy-Cons are very easy to repair at home.

The 13 Best Home Arcade Machines for Holiday 2021

Arcade games are great, but it’s rare you get to play them the way they were intended to be. Console ports and collections are good fun, but they can never rival the experience of playing on an actual cabinet. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable, home-friendly machines you can buy right now.

Rid Your Oculus Quest 2 of Facebook with This Free Tool

One of the most frustrating things about the Oculus Quest is that it needs to be tethered to a Facebook account. Not only does this allow Facebook to collect your personal data, but it means that your Oculus headset won’t work if Facebook has another massive outage. But a 17-year-old coder has found a solution.

Save Big on Mechanical and Ergonomic Keyboards During Best Buy’s Sale

There’s nothing better than a keyboard upgrade, especially when you make the leap from an uncomfortable or unresponsive keyboard to one that’s ergonomic or specially designed for gaming. So what are you waiting for? Best Buy is running killer discounts on some of the best ergonomic and mechanical keyboards, including the popular Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro and Microsoft Sculpt.
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