Check Out These Affordable ‘Missile Command’ Arcade Cabinets

Of all the classic Atari games, Missile Command might be my favorite. That’s why I’m excited to see New Wave Toys open pre-orders for its affordable Missile Command cabinets, which faithfully replicate the look and feel of the classic arcade machine (and a rare pre-production unit) at a tabletop-friendly 1/6th scale.

This New LEGO ‘Home Alone’ Set Looks Amazing, Unlike the Disney+ Remake

Right in time for the holidays and much to the delight of every Home Alone fan, LEGO has officially announced the all-new LEGO Ideas ‘Home Alone’ brick set,¬†and it looks fantastic. So, instead of watching the new Disney+ remake ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ coming next month, which honestly doesn’t look great, defend the¬†McCallister home yourself with LEGO.

Why Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform Will Probably Get Hacked Right Away

Trump Media and Technology Group just announced TRUTH Social, a rival platform to Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other Big Tech giants. But like other specialized social media platforms, TRUTH will be a target for hackers, and it could leave your private info exposed. We’re not just speculating here—TRUTH Social has already been compromised, and it’s not even out yet!

Control LEGO Robots with the New Raspberry Pi Build HAT

This is a match made in heaven. The Raspberry Pi Foundation just launched its Build HAT, a new product that lets you control up to four LEGO Education SPIKE motors and sensors from your Raspberry Pi computer. It’s a killer product that could give kids a reason to start coding, though I expect adults to get some use out of it too.

Great News: Scientists Find an Explosive Way to Neutralize Incoming Asteroids

Every two years, NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies runs a simulation to see how its scientists could save the planet from an incoming asteroid. This year’s study wasn’t very comforting—the simulated asteroid appeared incredibly close to Earth, leaving astronomers with no option but to brace for impact. It’s a shame, because new research shows that nearby asteroids are safe to nuke.

The Best LEGO Gifts for Holiday 2021

LEGO is one of the few toys that manage to transcend age and be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This makes it a safe bet for at least a few people on your list, and there are tons of options as well. Whether you’re looking for apparel, decorations, or standard LEGO sets, we’ve got you covered.
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