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What Is an ALR Projector Screen and Why Would You Want One?

Home theaters are ballooning in popularity, and projector owners are now obsessed with ALR or  “ambient light rejection” screens. Unlike standard white screens, which are shockingly affordable, ALR screens cost well over $600 and promise to improve image quality in unfavorable theater environments—particularly in rooms with lots of unwanted light.

LEGO Optimus Prime Is Ready to Roll Out

Move over Batmobile; LEGO just announced its best 80s nostalgia set yet: Optimus Prime. And if just the name of the set isn’t enough to make you instantly pull out $169.99 to buy it, you should know this set actually transforms.

Forget Audible, Get a Library Card

If you’re paying for a monthly audiobook subscription to a service like Audible or Kobo Books, you may not have to. Public libraries are still a thing, and they’ve arrived in the digital age with apps that may enable you to save money by delivering thousands of audiobooks and other media for free.

How to Pick a Projector

If you want to buy a projector but are confused by the terminology, price points, and accessories, it’s okay. We’re here to break it all down for you and provide the basic knowledge you need to ensure you choose a projector that’s perfect for you.

8 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash

In today’s economic environment, everybody could use a little extra cash. The good news is that there are plenty of earning opportunities to pursue. From giving people a ride and selling merchandise to narrating books and becoming a teacher, your skill is in demand. Read on for the possibilities.

Microsoft Open Sourced Its 3D Movie Maker Program

When you think of 1995, you probably envision malls, baggy JNCO jeans, and MTV. But what you should picture is Microsoft’s weirdly fantastic 3D Movie Maker animation program. While the software was short-lived, you can now dive back in because Microsoft open-sourced it!

Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a DSLR with ArduCam’s 64MP Camera Module

Turning a Raspberry Pi into a camera is a relatively easy task, but the results aren’t always satisfactory. Official camera modules just don’t offer the resolution, autofocus, or digital zoom features that we expect from DSLRs or even smartphone cameras. Now, ArduCam is selling the Hawk-eye, an insane and fully-featured 64MP camera module for the Pi.
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