Rid Your Oculus Quest 2 of Facebook with This Free Tool

One of the most frustrating things about the Oculus Quest is that it needs to be tethered to a Facebook account. Not only does this allow Facebook to collect your personal data, but it means that your Oculus headset won’t work if Facebook has another massive outage. But a 17-year-old coder has found a solution.

LEGO Titanic Is One of the Largest Sets Ever With 9,090 Bricks

If you want to take part in building the most famous ship of all time, you’ll want to get the new LEGO Titanic set. The Titanic luxury liner was known for its unrivaled grandeur, not to mention its size, and this new LEGO set follows that same trend with over 9,000 bricks and coming in at more than four feet long.

LEGO Drops Two New Brick Sets With Double VIP Points

The LEGO VIP program¬†can get you discounts, free LEGO sets, and other exciting rewards — as long as you save up enough points. And for fans that were unaware, LEGO occasionally offers double points on select items. This week, LEGO debuted just that, two new brick sets for October 2021 that offer double VIP points, and here’s what you need to know.

Whistleblower Airs Facebook’s Dirty Laundry Ahead of Congressional Hearing

We’ve learned a lot of damning information about Facebook over the last month. Internal documents published in the Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Files show that the social media giant knowingly encourages anger and divisiveness on its platform, despite real-world and political consequences. Now, the Facebook employee who leaked this information to the¬†Journal is going public, just one day before Facebook is scheduled to attend a congressional hearing.

Honda Shows Off Its “Avatar Robot” Concept, and It’s Hilarious

Honda just unveiled its groundbreaking plan to build flying taxis, Avatar Robots, and VR-controlled moon rovers by 2030. We’re looking at an insane development here—the kind that could shape humanity in ways both positive and negative. But as I sit and wonder what the future holds, the implications of this technology … I keep getting distracted by Honda’s stupid animated robot concept video.

Save Up to $225 On a Hisense QLED 4K TV

Hisense is running a killer deal on all sizes of its newest U6G-series ULED 4K TVs. Packed with the Android TV software, Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos support, and Hisense’s custom take on QLED hardware, these TVs are perfect for any living room setup. And you could save $225 on the largest model!
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