Amazon Might Launch a 15-Inch Wall Echo Display and Other Devices

Amazon is apparently busy preparing several exciting new products, which could be announced at its upcoming September 28th hardware event. According to Bloomberg, a 15-inch “Wall Echo” display is in the works that could double as a control center for smart homes, not to mention several new Amazon Fire and Echo products.

Google TV Gets In-App Remote and Keyboard on Android Phones

There’s nothing worse than losing the remote to your Google TV streaming box or television. And, to make matters worse, these remotes are typically small, thin, and fall through the cushions way too easily. Thankfully, Google has finally added a feature that lets you use your Android phone as a Google TV remote.

Wyze Cam Pan V2 Launches with Full-Color Night Vision

We were blown away when we tested the original Wyze Cam Pan, an indoor security camera that can turn 360 degrees to track people, pets, or other moving subjects. But Wyze is taking things to the next level with its Wyze Cam Pan V2, an upgrade that features full-color Night Vision thanks to a new Starlight Sensor.

IKEA’s New $40 Wireless Charger Hides in Plain Sight

If you’ve been looking to add Qi wireless charging to your desk, table, or shelf, IKEA’s new $40 wireless charging pad is the perfect solution. You can mount IKEA’s Sjömärke wireless charging pad yourself, anywhere you want, and it’ll charge through wood and plastic, hidden on the underside of your furniture.

LG’s New TV Could Replace Your Entire Wall

LG has announced a lineup of absolutely massive Direct View LED (DVLED) home cinema displays for those with a big living room, and more importantly, big enough pockets to afford one. These new TV sets range from a modest 108-inch LED to an epic 325-inch 8K TV that costs north of $1.7 million. So basically, if you have to ask “how much?” they’ll be too expensive for your taste.
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