Here’s Why Google Nest Owners Are Losing Sleep

One of Google Assistant’s best features, simply called ambient sound, can rock you to sleep with the repetitive noise of a babbling brook, a fireplace, or white noise. Unfortunately, Google has replaced its white noise sound with a quieter, “muffled” audio file, and its customers aren’t happy.

Starlink Internet Has One Enemy—Sleepy Cats

All things considered, SpaceX’s experimental Starlink satellite internet service is a success. Users are generally quite happy with the service, and SpaceX chucked an extra 49 Starlink satellites into Earth’s orbit just last week. But Starlink customers beware—sleepy cats are conspiring against you.

Google TV Could Get a Lot Smarter In 2022

Even with all its fancy personalization features, Google TV doesn’t feel distinct from Android TV. But that could change in 2022. In an interview with Protocol, Google TV’s director of product management Rob Caruso shared how Google TV could grow over the next year, and even teased some potential new features for the operating system.

Google Tests Video Doorbell Previews on Your Pixel Lock Screen

When Android 12 launched in 2021, Google announced a bevy of new features for the Pixel phone’s “At a Glance” widget. And one of the most highly-anticipated of these new features, the ability to see Nest Doorbell previews on your Pixel lock screen, is now available to some users with the Google app beta (v13.0.6).

Labrador Opens Reservations for Its Stunning Assistive Robot Concept

One of the biggest problems with assistive robot concepts, such as the Amazon Astro, is that they don’t provide simple solutions to common problems. They exist only to create hype for a company or fulfill some CEO’s vision of the future. But the Labrador Caddie and Retriever are different. These are robot concepts with straightforward, realistic goals, and they’re set to launch in 2023.
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