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Your Nanoleaf Lines Are Begging for These Official Skins

Out of the box, Nanoleaf Lines smart lights look a little plain. The lights themselves are colorful, for sure, but the hardware is just white. That’s why Nanoleaf now sells official matte black and pink skins for its Lines smart lights—prepare to drop $20 on these puppies; you definitely want them.

Samsung Launches the Ultimate Dash Cam microSD Card

You’d think that microSD cards would be a bit more durable, given that they’ve been around for so long. But microSD cards are still somewhat unreliable. That’s why Samsung is now launching a PRO Endurance microSD card that can survive up to 16 years of continuous use in security cameras, dash cams, and other always-on devices.

What is a Smart Grill and Should You Buy One?

Everything’s smart these days, including cooking appliances. And although we don’t really see the point in a smart microwave, the benefits of a smart grill are quite clear. Those long cook times are suddenly a lot more tolerable when you have a computer monitoring your food and sending alerts to your phone.
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