Watch iFixit Go Live With Its iPhone 13 Teardown

Apple claims that it redesigned the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro’s internals to accommodate larger batteries and new hardware. But what’s really under the hood, and are these iPhones more repairable than previous models? Find out during iFixit’s teardown livestream.

Google TV Gets In-App Remote and Keyboard on Android Phones

There’s nothing worse than losing the remote to your Google TV streaming box or television. And, to make matters worse, these remotes are typically small, thin, and fall through the cushions way too easily. Thankfully, Google has finally added a feature that lets you use your Android phone as a Google TV remote.

Google Just Made Android Auto and Drive Mode a Lot Easier to Use

Today Google announced multiple updates to make Android Auto and Driving Mode easier to use and less distracting. So whether you use the Google Assistant Driving Mode, have a car with Android Auto, or even a car with Google built-in, you’ll now enjoy an improved dashboard, more at-a-glance app recommendations, and improvements to contactless payments at gas stations.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review: The Foldable Has Ascended

The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was an interesting phone, as it was a throwback to the flip phones that many of us grew up with. But it was a first-generation product and suffered from first-generation issues as a result. The Z Flip 3 (they skipped 2) fixes a lot of that, and it’s a great look at the current-future of smartphones.

Rumored Google Pixel Foldable Could Arrive Later This Year

Until just recently, foldable phones seemed like a futuristic device out of reach for most buyers. Now, Samsung’s on its third Galaxy Fold Z, a more affordable folding phone for the mainstream crowd. And while we’ve heard rumors of a Google Pixel Fold for over a year, new reports suggest Google might finally be ready to steal Samsung’s thunder.
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