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Google Preps Another Find My Device Feature to Take on Apple

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Android wants to transform its Find My Device app into a network similar to Apple’s “Find My” to track lost and stolen devices. Google started teasing the changes in December, and now we’re seeing hints of new features that could be coming soon.

Cheap Phones Shouldn’t Exist

Smartphones place a ridiculous strain on our wallets. And, somewhat ironically, getting rid of cheap phones could ease this strain. Manufacturers need to build high-quality smartphones that last a decade, replacing cheap new phones with a strong and consumer-friendly aftermarket.

T-Mobile Kicks Off 2023 With Another Data Breach

In a press release, T-Mobile confirms that it detected a data breach in its systems on January 5th. A “bad actor” managed to steal personal information (but not financial data) from around 37 million customers. This is the eighth T-Mobile data breach since 2018.

Pixel Fold Dummy Mockup Hints at Upcoming Release

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Google plans on releasing its first folding phone in 2023, and now that new device is starting to come into focus. A plastic mockup of the rumored “Pixel Notepad” just leaked on YouTube, and everything lines up with previous reports.

Apple Acknowledges iPhone 14 Pro Display Bug, Promises Fix

Just before Christmas, iPhone 14 Pro users began posting pictures online of their devices flashing colored lines flashing across the display while powering on. The issue seems to have started just after the update to iOS 16.2, although some posts predate the OS upgrade. Now Apple is promising a fix.
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