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How to Add Local TV Channels to Your Plex Server

Cutting the cord doesn’t mean giving up on live TV. Local channels are totally free and often include content that you care about, including sports. But if you want to make the antenna TV experience a bit more modern, you should add local channels to your Plex server for a killer channel guide, remote streaming, DVR functionality, and more.

Are Laser Projectors Really Worth $3,000?

I reviewed a $2,800 ultra-short throw (UST) laser projector two years ago and proclaimed it so good I’d buy one. Of course, I had to send that review unit back, which left me with the hard decision: do I spend the money? I did. And after two years, I can comfortably say it was worth it.

What Is an ALR Projector Screen and Why Would You Want One?

Home theaters are ballooning in popularity, and projector owners are now obsessed with ALR or  “ambient light rejection” screens. Unlike standard white screens, which are shockingly affordable, ALR screens cost well over $600 and promise to improve image quality in unfavorable theater environments—particularly in rooms with lots of unwanted light.

Forget Audible, Get a Library Card

If you’re paying for a monthly audiobook subscription to a service like Audible or Kobo Books, you may not have to. Public libraries are still a thing, and they’ve arrived in the digital age with apps that may enable you to save money by delivering thousands of audiobooks and other media for free.

Amazon’s Chromecast Listing Is Very Strange

Generally speaking, Amazon doesn’t sell Google-branded smart home devices. But the companies often make small (and short-lived) concessions, and today, the Chromecast with Google TV is finally available for pre-order on Amazon. Wait, why pre-order?
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