Where to Watch Super Bowl LVI for Free

Super Bowl LVI is right around the corner, and it may be one of the biggest games of the last decade. With fan-favorite teams and a crazy halftime show lineup, you don’t want to miss this one—thankfully, you can watch Super Bowl 2022 for free!

🤬 Netflix Costs a Ton of Money Now

Uh oh, Netflix is cranking up the money machine again. All Netflix U.S. and Canada plans now cost an extra dollar or two. The price hike brings the cost of Netflix’s 4K plan to a whopping $20 per month—is that really worth it?

Google TV Could Get a Lot Smarter In 2022

Even with all its fancy personalization features, Google TV doesn’t feel distinct from Android TV. But that could change in 2022. In an interview with Protocol, Google TV’s director of product management Rob Caruso shared how Google TV could grow over the next year, and even teased some potential new features for the operating system.

AT&T 5G Customers Get Free Game Streaming Subscriptions

Back in 2021, AT&T offered a free six-month Stadia Pro subscription with the purchase of eligible 5G phones. But the company is now broadening this promotion—new and existing AT&T customers get half a year of Stadia Pro and NVIDIA GeForce Priority so long as you have a 5G smartphone and an Unlimited plan.
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