Hacker Reveals Twitch Source Code In “Part One” of Massive Gigaleak

In an effort to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space,” an anonymous hacker has leaked the entirety of Twitch’s source code and creator earnings. The leak also contains info on an unreleased Steam competitor and data related to Twitch’s security tools. And unfortunately, this is just “part one” of an ongoing gigaleak.

NBC Channels Remain on YouTube TV After Tense Negotiations

Last week YouTube TV and NBCUniversal confirmed a “short-term” extension¬†to keep 14+ popular channels on the popular live TV service. Then, this weekend, the two¬†announced a finalized deal. As a result, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing access to several NBC channels and regional sports networks, as they’ll all remain on YouTube TV moving forward.

The 4 Best TVs for Holiday 2021

There are plenty of great TVs released every year, but you probably don’t want to spend hours pouring over spec sheets and comparing prices. To help, we’ve rounded up our favorite TVs whether you’re hunting on a budget, want the highest quality possible, and everything in between.

Save Up to $225 On a Hisense QLED 4K TV

Hisense is running a killer deal on all sizes of its newest U6G-series ULED 4K TVs. Packed with the Android TV software, Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos support, and Hisense’s custom take on QLED hardware, these TVs are perfect for any living room setup. And you could save $225 on the largest model!

Your YouTube TV NBC Channels Are Safe, At Least For Now

Last week we learned that YouTube TV subscribers could potentially lose access to many important NBC channels on the streaming service. The two companies had a very public dispute over contract and price negotiations, but now it looks like your YouTube TV NBC channels are safe, at least for now.

Every Channel You’ll Lose if YouTube TV and NBC Keep Fighting

Earlier this week,¬†we learned that YouTube TV and NBC are fighting over contract negotiations, resulting in the service potentially losing several important channels at the end of the month. And while local NBC and USA are two of the big names you’ll lose, it’s much more than that. Upwards of 20+ channels, depending on where you live. Here’s an extensive list of all the channels NBC will remove from YouTube TV if the two can’t play nice.

Score a Month of Paramount+ for Just $1

Nobody wants to pay full price for Paramount+, even if it has cool live channels and exclusives shows like Star Trek: Lower Decks. But it’s hard to pass up on today’s deal—ViacomCBS is currently offering a month of Paramount+ for $1 when you sign up through Amazon Channels.
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