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Streaming ‘Doctor Who’ Is Now a Convoluted Mess Too

Not only is Doctor Who a convoluted mess, but you’ll go insane trying to stream the show’s many iterations, revisions, and remakes. The BBC says that new Doctor Who episodes will stream exclusively on Disney+ for viewers outside the UK and Ireland. But older Doctor Who content is stuck on rival platforms.

Classic ‘Star Trek’ Films Return to Streaming on November 1st

Earlier this month, the 10 original Star Trek films exited Paramount+, the “home of Star Trek.” The unexpected beam out left many Trekkies wondering where their favorite movies would rematerialize and when. Now, we know that Captains Kirk and Picard, along with their respective Enterprise crews, will return to streaming on HBO Max starting November 1st.

DirecTV Will Avoid Disruptions with New SignalSaver Feature

If you’re one of the many considering the switch from traditional cable and satellite TV to streaming apps, DirecTV has a new feature that might make you stick around. It’s called SignalSaver and will help you keep watching your favorite shows, movies, or sports, even during reception issues and disruptions.

YouTube’s Big Price Hike Might Be Too Much for Some People

YouTube increased the price of its Premium family plan by around 30%. New users will now pay $22.99 per month, while current subscribers have until April when their price plans switch to the new, higher rate. It’s the first time the Google-owned video-streaming platform has increased its subscription price since 2018.

The Best iPad Is the One You Already Own

We live in a culture that values wastefulness. I’m reminded of this fact every time Apple announces a new product. So, to celebrate the launch of Apple’s latest iPads, I’m going to tell you a special secret—the best iPad is the one you already own. You don’t need the latest or greatest tablet.
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