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This TV Folds Into a Coffee Table, and That’s Not the Exciting Part

Visitors at Display Week 2023 were drawn to TCL’s unique 8K OLED TV, which folded itself in half to become a coffee table. But they quickly learned that the coffee table concept was just bait, and that the TV’s biggest feature is actually quite subtle—it’s the first 8K 65-inch OLED TV manufactured through an inkjet printing process.

NFL Sunday Ticket Will Be Offered on DirecTV, but Not for Fans

Until this year, DirecTV has offered the NFL Sunday Ticket to its customers dating back to 1994, but it now belongs to YouTube. At first, many were confused about what would happen to bars, restaurants, and other businesses getting access, and now we know that it’ll still be available from DirecTV.

Why Can’t I Watch 4K OTA TV Yet?

Just a few years ago, ATSC 3.0 was hailed as the savior of free over-the-air (OTA) television. It promised to bring 4K video and Dolby Atmos audio to every home in the United States, and surprisingly, broadcasters were actually interested in the idea. So, why can’t I watch 4K antenna TV yet?

This Dual Screen TV is Free, But There’s a Big Catch

Imagine getting an excellent 55-inch HD TV for free with a built-in soundbar and a second screen showing sports updates, weather, and other widgets. Sounds pretty great, right? You’ll get that from Telly, a new TV brand, but the big catch is it’ll show you ads constantly.

Forget a Smart TV, You Should Get a Stick PC

Smart TVs are currently the standard, and many of us enjoy the expanded capabilities that come with them. But when you really think about it, smart TVs are pretty limited, and you can do a whole lot more with your television for not much money at all. What you really need is a stick PC.
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