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Google Says Goodbye to Glass

Ten years ago, Google sent shockwaves through the tech world by announcing Google Glass, a wearable computer with a heads-up display. However, the product failed to launch as intended and was only available to enterprise customers. This week Google stated that it would discontinue the line entirely.

PSA: Don’t Rely on the Google Pixel Watch Alarm

Have a Google Pixel Watch? If you enjoy all the many features on the watch, but notice alarms don’t seem to work right, you’re not alone. Several reports claim Google’s Pixel Watch is late to alert users with an alarm, which is troubling if you’re trying to wake up and get to work.

Meta Slowly Walks Back Quest 2 Price Hike

Last August, Meta (formerly Facebook) increased the price of its popular Quest 2 VR headset by $100, which was a significant jump. The company then released an expensive $1,499 Meta Quest Pro headset. Today though, Meta confirmed both are getting a significant and permanent price drop.

Fitbit Is Down for the Third Time This Year

Fitbit users won’t see their sleep data this morning, as Fitbit’s services appear to be experiencing another outage. This is the third Fitbit outage of 2023, and judging by the social media response, users are growing increasingly frustrated with the platform’s spotty service.

Google’s Pixel Watch Fall Detection Finally Arrives

After years of waiting, Google finally debuted its first Pixel Watch late last year. It’s a quality watch with a lot of bells and whistles, but one big advertised feature, fall detection, was listed as “coming in 2023.” With the new March Pixel Watch update, fall detection is finally here.

Fitbit Is Scaring Away Its Own Customers

The past year hasn’t been great for Fitbit users. Constant outages, feature removals, and some bizarre behavior from Google are slowly eroding Fitbit’s reputation. Unfortunately, it feels like the unimpressive and overpriced Pixel Watch is Google’s priority right now.
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