Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses Concept One-Ups Facebook Ray-Bans

Tech companies have spent the last decade working on smart glasses with integrated display technology. So when Facebook launched Ray-Ban Stories last week, people were understandably disappointed by its rather simplistic design. Now, Xiaomi is taking the opportunity to show off its smart glasses, which look much more advanced than Facebook’s product.

Ready Or Not, Facebook’s New Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Are Here

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg revealed his “metaverse” concept a few months back? The Facebook CEO imagines a future where social media weaves itself into the real world through wearable technology, eliminating the barrier created by phones. But the “metaverse” isn’t just some dorky idea for the future—it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s idealized business landscape. Ready or not, we’re seeing that landscape take shape with today’s launch of Ray-Ban Stories.

Apple’s AR Headset Will Rely on the iPhone to Run Demanding Software

A new report from The Information suggests that Apple’s first AR (or mixed reality) headset will rely on an iPhone for most of its heavy-duty processes. The headset could arrive as early as 2022, and while it contains both a CPU and GPU, these components only exist to manage battery life and handle processes that don’t work well over a wireless connection.

The Upcoming Apple Watch 7 May Be Underwhelming

This year’s Apple Watch may sport a radical new design, but is that enough to justify a purchase? As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 7 won’t pack any new health sensors, though it will feature a larger display, flat edges, and an upgraded processor.

Fossil Announces Its Gen 6 Smartwatch, The First Pure Wear OS 3 Watch

Fossil just opened pre-orders for its new Gen 6 smartwatch, one of the only non-Samsung wearables that will actually support Google’s landmark Wear OS 3 update. With its cutting-edge Snapdragon 4100+ processor, upgraded display, and unique battery features, the Fossil Gen 6 looks light a bright spot in an otherwise underwhelming Android smartwatch market, especially if you want to avoid all of the proprietary software on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4.
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