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Facebook Messenger to Leave Apple Watch This Month

Facebook Messenger is leaving Apple Watch on May 31st, according to several social media posts. While the app will disappear, users will still get notifications to their smartwatch when they receive messages through Messenger, states the screen-captured notification from Facebook posted to Twitter.

Apple Watch Apps Suck, but a Fix Could Come This Year

Apps are a core part of the Apple Watch experience. Unfortunately, Apple’s insistence on an iPhone-like apps system doesn’t work well on a smartwatch—poking through the home screen is a pain, most Apple Watch apps suck, and developers aren’t allowed to make their own watch faces.

Technology That Almost Made It But Failed Miserably

History is littered with devices that may have been great if the timing of their release was a little better. In some cases, technology wasn’t at a point where the device could do what it promised. In others, something better came along at the exact same time and blew the device out of the water.

Google Says Goodbye to Glass

Ten years ago, Google sent shockwaves through the tech world by announcing Google Glass, a wearable computer with a heads-up display. However, the product failed to launch as intended and was only available to enterprise customers. This week Google stated that it would discontinue the line entirely.
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