How to Build Your Smart Home on the Cheap

You don’t have to blow your budget to make your home smart. There’s always a discount, a cheaper alternative, or a nerdy trick that can save you money as you build up your smart empire. Here are some tips to help you build a smart home on the cheap.

Chrome Will Kill Tracking Cookies… by 2022

In a surprise move, Google announced yesterday that it now supports moving away from tracking cookies. Don’t expect significant changes today, though—we won’t see the first moves until February, and the company says a complete shift away is years out. And don’t confuse a promise of privacy for a world without targetted ads, Google still wants those too.

Google Now Lets You Use Your iPhone as a Security Key

Enabling two-step authentication is one of the more essential steps you can take to secure your accounts. And the best way to do that is to skip SMS and go straight to a physical security key. The only problem is remembering to bring the key with you. That’s getting easier every day with Google accounts; your iPhone can now serve as that physical key.

Smart Home Devices Are Embracing Wi-Fi, and That’s Great

At CES 2020, it was hard not to notice something about most of the smart home products on the floor: they were Wi-Fi-powered. That’s an exciting move, because generally, Wi-Fi-powered smart devices are more accessible for the beginner to set up, learn, and use. And more accessibility is good news for the longterm viability of smart home tech.