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Everything You Need to Watch Before ‘WandaVision’ on Disney+

This weekend sees the debut of WandaVision, the first new Marvel Cinematic Universe property to hit Disney+, and the first bit of “canon” MCU content since Spider-Man: Far From Home way back in 2019. If you’re a little rusty on your Marvel lore, it’s understandable. If you need a refresher course, this is it.

What is DoNotPay and Should You Subscribe?

DoNotPay launched back in 2015 as a simple service to help combat parking tickets, but in the years since then, it’s evolved into a multi-faceted legal assistant that can help you with all kinds of troubles. But what exactly can it do, and are those features worth subscribing for? That’s what we’ll be covering in this article.

Moen’s Smart Sump Pump Monitor Might Save You from a Flooded Basement

All it takes is a good rain to flood your basement or crawlspace. To prevent that from happening, many homes have sump pumps that flush water away from the home. It’s a set it and forget it device, but forgetting it can be a mistake. If a sump pump fails, you’ll get flooded. Flo by Moen’s Sump Pump Monitor hopes to save you from expensive water damage.

Strap a Theater Screen to Your Face with TCL’s Wearable Display

Augmented Reality (AR) was all the rage for a hot minute, but it didn’t take off outside enterprise uses, like Hololens. Sometimes for a product to reach consumers, simpler is better. TCL’s latest wearable won’t change the world around you; instead, it’ll give you access to a giant screen without the need for a giant space. The TCL Wearable Display effectively gives you a 140 inch TV you can fit in your backpack.

Cowin’s $80 Sound Bar Can Split in Half for Surround Sound

Sound bars are a great way to improve your TV’s tinny speakers without taking up a lot of room. But they don’t truly surround sound thanks to grouping speakers so close together. Cowin’s new wireless sound bar might give you the best of both world. You can place it under your TV like a traditional sound bar, or split it in half to create two speakers.

The Best Online Banks and Budgeting Tools to Replace Simple

If you bank with Simple, you’re likely still reeling over the news that it’s shutting down. You’re also probably searching frantically for a good alternative to the online banking service before it does. We’ve done the research and found several options for both online banking services and budgeting tools, so hopefully you can find something that’s a good fit.

The Brydge Surface Laptop Dock is Functional Art for Your Desk

If you have a laptop, one of the best accessories you can get is a docking station. With a dock, your laptop quickly becomes a full-fledged desktop, allowing you to connect a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and more without little effort. Brydge is no stranger to laptop docks, but the new $229.99 Brydge Surface Laptop Dock isn’t just functional; it’s beautiful.

Acer’s New Gaming Laptop Line Has Something for Everyone

Acer always comes to CES with a ton of new product announcements, and this year’s digital-only show is no exception. The company is showing off no less than five new notebooks, all of which can handle gaming to one degree or another. They range from the sleek Predator Triton 300 SE to an update for the humble Aspire 5.

Lutron’s Outdoor Smart Plug Will Take a Lickin’ and Keep on Tickin’

When you think of smart homes, you might think of bulbs for your living room, speakers that you talk to, and thermostats to keep you comfy. But that’s inside stuff, what about taking your smart home outside? For that, you can turn to outdoor plugs. Lutron’s new Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug promises to stand up to nearly anything you throw at it. But it had better for $79.95.

Philips Hue’s New Wall Switch Module Fixes the Biggest Problem With Smart Bulbs

Today Signify announced several new Philips Hue smart home products, including a new outdoor light bar and an upgraded dimmer switch. But the most exciting new product solves one of the biggest annoyances with smart bulbs—the light switch. The new Philips Hue wall switch module upgrades your existing dumb lights switch to a smart light switch. And thus prevents anyone from turning your smart bulbs into dumb bulbs again.

Razer’s Project Brooklyn Is a Gaming Chair Right Off a ‘Star Trek’ Set

The outlandish designs of gaming peripherals lend themselves towards sci-fi imaginings: I’ve personally seen Razer’s Tartarus and Orbweaver keypads in Arrow and Ender’s Game. But the company’s latest concept device looks like it dropped right off the bridge of a warp-capable starship. Meet Project Brooklyn, Razer’s concept for the future of PC gaming chairs and “battlestations.”

Lenovo Goes All-in on AMD with New Legion Gaming Laptops

Lenovo’s absolute torrent of CES announcements continues. This time around it’s gaming laptops, and like much of its competition, Lenovo is mixing it up with models based both on AMD hardware. Most of the new entries will be available in late spring or early summer at a variety of prices. Lenovo is also showing off an interesting headset and charging station for your desktop.

Some of Your Amazon Ring Cameras Now Have End-to-End Encryption

What a difference a year can make. Early last year, Ring’s reputation took some hefty dings due to its handling of security and privacy issues. Ever since the company has taken steps to address those problems by adding a new privacy dashboard and mandatory two-factor authentication. But if you have compatible cameras, Ring will now offer end-to-end encryption (E2E), meaning only you can see your videos.

You May Have Already Won with DoNotPay’s Latest Robot Service

In the U.S. only the government can run lotteries. To get around that legality, companies that run sweepstakes offer the option to enter for free, no purchase necessary. But most of the time, that involves an arduous task like mailing in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Once again, DoNotPay is here to help by doing all the legwork for you.