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You Can Play ‘Control’ on the Nintendo Switch Now but Only via the Cloud

Nintendo’s latest Direct Mini: Partner Showcase revealed that the award-winning game Control, from Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games, will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch. There is a catch, however; you’ll need your Nintendo account to access cloud storage and “a persistent high-speed internet connection” in order to play Control Ultimate Edition—Cloud Version. 

Holiday 2020: The Best Headphones for the Gym

Music is motivating. It can mean the difference between pushing that last set, making it through that last interval, or pushing yourself just a little bit harder. A good set of headphones in the gym cannot only enhance your workout but also block out all the other annoying sounds that you don’t want to hear.

The Best Cases for Your New iPhone 12

Once you’ve decided which model of the new iPhone 12 you’re going to purchase, you should grab a phone case for it. A case will not only protect your phone from scratches and accidental drops, but it also shows off a little of your personality and helps your phone keep up with all of your adventures.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Backward Compatibility War

As we stumble into the 9th generation of console gaming, it’s clear that backward compatibility is more important than ever before. Gamers want access to the 20-year back catalog of Xbox and PlayStation games, especially as services like Game Pass make older games more accessible. But there can only be one winner in the backward compatibility wars, and it’s easily the Xbox Series X.

Wyze Cam v3 Review: A Big Leap Forward

Wyze made a name for itself with the very first Wyze Cam, a cheap little security cam that turned out to be a much bigger deal than anyone expected. The company has gone on to make a ton of affordable gadgets since then, from doorbells to headphones. Today, it’s announcing the third generation Cam, which is easily its most powerful camera to date.

LG’s Wing 5G Flies to AT&T on November 6

Not long after a debut on Verizon, LG’s fancy flipping Wing 5G smartphone will arrive on AT&T. It hits stores on November 6 for $1,000. But if you’re willing to trade-in an eligible smartphone and sign up for a 30-month stint with the company, you can save $700.

Build Your Own Video Game with LEGO Microgame

Developing video games is a challenging endeavor that involves years of coding and art lessons. But what if it could be easier? LEGO and Unity have partnered together to create LEGO Microgame, a free and simple program that lets you build small games with no coding experience at all.

Mophie’s Slide-On Wireless Qi Battery is Like MagSafe for Everyone

Modular accessories systems: in the words of Mugatu, they’re so hot right now. Apple’s new MagSafe system on the iPhone 12 makes it magnetically compatible with cases and mounts, and fancy bag vendor Peak Design is working on a similar mounting platform with ceramic hardware. Now Mophie (a subsidiary of Zagg) is releasing its own modular mounting accessories.

Holiday 2020: The Best Headphones for Runners and Cyclists

There’s nothing more motivating than music when working out, but runners and cyclists are in a unique position. Situational awareness is crucial for both, especially when exercising on roads shared with cars or paths with other cyclists and runners. If you have a runner or cyclist on your holiday list, give them a gift that will both motivate them and help them stay safe with a set of headphones that are perfect for either activity.

Is AppleCare+ Worth It?

If you own, or are thinking about owning, an Apple product, you’ve probably wondered if the company’s add-on product protection service, AppleCare+, is worth the price. With how costly iPhones, Macs, and other Apple devices are, is it worth paying yet another chunk of change on top just for peace of mind?