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Tesla Halts Cybertruck Orders In Several Regions

After countless Cybertruck delays, Tesla still hasn’t figured out what it wants to do with the exciting new electric truck. While Cybertruck pricing disappeared from websites late last year, now it looks like it’s unavailable to order across Europe.

The Best Tech to Spruce Up Your Work Office

Going into work isn’t a fun event (at least, for most people), whether you enjoy working from the office or not. Adding a few key pieces of tech to your desk setup at work could make you dread going in just a tiny bit less.

Are Laser Projectors Really Worth $3,000?

I reviewed a $2,800 ultra-short throw (UST) laser projector two years ago and proclaimed it so good I’d buy one. Of course, I had to send that review unit back, which left me with the hard decision: do I spend the money? I did. And after two years, I can comfortably say it was worth it.

What Is an ALR Projector Screen and Why Would You Want One?

Home theaters are ballooning in popularity, and projector owners are now obsessed with ALR or  “ambient light rejection” screens. Unlike standard white screens, which are shockingly affordable, ALR screens cost well over $600 and promise to improve image quality in unfavorable theater environments—particularly in rooms with lots of unwanted light.