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TCL Shows Off Its Fold ‘n Roll Concept for Future Phones

After announcing several new 20-series phones during its “Display Your Greatness” event, TCL showed off a new Fold ‘n Roll concept device, a smartphone that combines folding and rolling technology to achieve three distinct form factors. TCL also announced that it’s “on track” to release its first foldable later this year.

TCL Debuts Three Affordable Phones with Cutting-Edge Displays

During its livestreamed “Display Your Greatness” event, TCL announced three new 20-series phones with cutting-edge display technology, high-resolution cameras, and attractive price points. The TCL 20 Pro 5G, TCL 20L, and TCL 20L+ launch April 15th in the U.K. and will roll out in select regions over the coming weeks.

Wyze’s Latest Product is a $30 Smart Floor Lamp

Robot vacuums, smart watches, smart bulbs, home security, noise canceling headphones—it’s starting to feel like there’s nothing Wyze doesn’t make. Now it’s adding another new item to the list. Wyze just opened up pre-orders for its new $30 Smart Floor Lamp. But this one feels different.

The 5 Best Universal Remotes Now That Logitech Quit the Game

A universal remote allows you to control anything and everything in your living room with one controller. The go-to choice for years was Logitech Harmony remotes, but now that they’re out of the game, here are the best alternatives. Instead of juggling several remotes sitting in a box by the couch, get one of these and up your living room game.