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The 5 Best Mechanical Keyboard for Macs in 2021

Mechanical keyboards are loved for the satisfying typing experience they offer, but they’re also usually made with Windows machines in mind. Sure, they can work on macOS as an afterthought, but you don’t want that. You want a keyboard made for your computer, and in that case, these are the best.

Wyze Cam Pan V2 Launches with Full-Color Night Vision

We were blown away when we tested the original Wyze Cam Pan, an indoor security camera that can turn 360 degrees to track people, pets, or other moving subjects. But Wyze is taking things to the next level with its Wyze Cam Pan V2, an upgrade that features full-color Night Vision thanks to a new Starlight Sensor.

World’s First Battery-Electric Freight Train Unveiled in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh-based rail company Wabtec has unveiled the first battery-electric freight train. Dubbed the FLXdrive, this locomotive is a strong first step toward sustainability in railway shipping, an industry that’s responsible for about a quarter of all U.S. transportation emissions. Unfortunately, it’s still just a first step in a very long process.

IKEA’s New $40 Wireless Charger Hides in Plain Sight

If you’ve been looking to add Qi wireless charging to your desk, table, or shelf, IKEA’s new $40 wireless charging pad is the perfect solution. You can mount IKEA’s Sjömärke wireless charging pad yourself, anywhere you want, and it’ll charge through wood and plastic, hidden on the underside of your furniture.

NVIDIA Brings DLSS AI Upscaling to Windows 11

A new NVIDIA driver adds DLSS support to 28 new games, plus official certification for Windows 11. The AI-powered upscaling software increases game resolution without wasting processing power, allowing PCs to run games at 4K without sacrificing FPS, draw distance, or other in-game quality settings.

Rumored Google Pixel Foldable Could Arrive Later This Year

Until just recently, foldable phones seemed like a futuristic device out of reach for most buyers. Now, Samsung’s on its third Galaxy Fold Z, a more affordable folding phone for the mainstream crowd. And while we’ve heard rumors of a Google Pixel Fold for over a year, new reports suggest Google might finally be ready to steal Samsung’s thunder.

OnePlus 9T Is Canceled, Says CEO Pete Lau

OnePlus follows all of its phone releases with upgraded T-Series devices, such as the OnePlus 7T and 8T. But fans waiting to buy a OnePlus 9T are out of luck. The company is revising its sales strategy as it merges with sister brand Oppo, and as a result, the OnePlus 9T is officially canceled.