What is a Pocket Hole Jig and Do You Need One?

If you’re getting into woodworking, you’ll quickly need to learn the best ways to join two pieces of wood together. One popular method is pocket hole joinery, and that’s because it’s strong, inexpensive, and easy to learn. Even beginners can use pocket holes to make everything from desk drawers to cabinets. All you need is a good pocket hole jig.

The Motorola One Hyper is a Poor Man’s OnePlus 7 Pro…Sort Of

After leaving folks scratching their heads over the new Razr foldable, Motorola is closing out 2019 by expanding its mid-range smartphone lineup with one more device: the Motorola One Hyper, a handset that strongly resembles the OnePlus 7 Pro only with a slower processor, less RAM and a price that consequently reads $150 cheaper.

Happy 25th Birthday, PlayStation!

The year was 1991. Sony took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show to announce a new gaming console. It would play Super Nintendo cartridges, as well as new, disc-based games with a built-in optical drive. They called it “PlayStation.”