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Hyundai’s New Concept EV Looks Cozy Enough to Live In

Earlier this month, Hyundai released someĀ teaser images of a new concept EV named the “Seven,” an all-electric SUV that looks cozy enough to live in with comfort and styling in mind. The vehicle made its formal debut at the LA Auto show, and it looks uniquely stunning. Additionally, this concept hints at a new SUV model “coming soon to the Ioniq family.”

Google Pixel 6a: Everything We Know so Far

If you’re the kind of person who waits for Google’s more affordable Pixel A-series releases, it’s time to start getting hyped for the upcoming Pixel 6a. Leaks and rumors suggest that this device will dominate the budget phone space, taking just a few minor downgrades to reach a sub-$550 price point. Here’s everything we know about the Pixel 6a so far.

Why It’s Time for Samsung to Kill Bixby

Voice assistants play a significant part in everyday life. Whether it’s asking for directions, timing a meal, or setting an alarm, so you get up in the first place—Alexa, Google, or Siri, are probably involved in the process. Unsurprisingly Samsung wanted a slice of the pie, but is itĀ wasting its time?

Black Friday 2021: Best Bluetooth Headphone & Earbud Deals

It’s that time of the year again.Ā Black Friday headphone and earbud deals are popping up everywhere, even though the main day isn’t quite here yet. Those who waited until now to snag some new headphones can find huge savings from some of the biggest names around, including Bose, Jaybird, Sony, Apple, Beats, and more. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the Best phone deals, desktop and laptop deals, andĀ PC accessories deals.

Insane Deal: Get a Year of Hulu For Just $12

Black Friday deals are floating around everywhere right now, and we just found out that Hulu brought back one of its best Black Friday deals ever. Now through November 29th, you can get an entire year of Hulu ad-supported streaming for only $12.

The Best Gifts for Readers of 2021

Odds are, you know someone who’s a huge bookworm. Looking to find the perfect holiday gift for them? We’ve got your back! We found the best gifts for readers, no matter whether they prefer physical books or audiobooks, as well as a few picks that are fun and cozy.

Black Friday 2021: The Best iPhone Deals

Can you believe it? It’s almost Black Friday! If you’re looking to grab a new Apple iPhone for you or your family members, these terrific Black Friday deals will help you save a ton of dough while upgrading your smartphone setup. Come take a look!

Here’s Why Zoom Stopped Working on Your Chromebook

Zoom, the popular video conferencing app that only gained more popularity during the pandemic, has reportedly discontinued its ChromeOS web app, causing problems for some. If Zoom stopped working on your Chromebook, it’s because there’s a new web-based app you need to use.

Roku Says Sorry for Breaking Your TV

Roku now acknowledges that some customers, especially those using older streaming sticks or smart TVs, are unable to stream content from Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and other services. The company apologizes for “the inconvenience” and is pushing an update (or an OS downgrade) that should solve the problem.

ASUS Just Launched the Most Overkill Gaming Phone

Let’s be honest, mid-range gaming phones are more than powerful enough for most mobile titles. But gamers love to have it all, and that’s why ASUS is launching the $1,100 ROG Phone 5s and $1,300 ROG Phone 5s Pro. These puppies are totally overkill, and that’s the whole point.

RadRunner Electric Bike Review: Perfect for Your First E-Bike

Electric bikes are some of the coolest, most helpful gadgets you can buy. There’s nothing quite like having an electric motor to help keep the wind blowing in your hair as you whip around town or power up a hill. E-bikes can be pricy and intimidating, but not if you get the RadRunner utility e-bike.