Deal Alert: You Can Grab the Nest Hub Max for $50 off ($179)

We think Nest Hub displays are excellent. They’re perfect for controlling your smart home devices, finding recipes, and displaying your photos. And the Nest Hub Max is all that in a bigger, better package. But as much as we love it, it’s still a little expensive. But Home Depot is offering $50 off the device today, bringing the price down to $179.

For Most People, the New Xbox and PlayStation Are Better Than a Gaming PC

The PS5 and Xbox Series X feel more like gaming PCs than traditional game consoles. At least, that’s what tech outlets and gamers are saying. In reality, this generation of consoles offers an experience that’s decidedly more streamlined, affordable, and appealing to the average person than PC gaming. Unless you’re really committed to gaming at your desktop, you should ignore the nonsense and stick with a console.

NASCAR’s First Virtual Race Is a Landmark of eSports

Like us, NASCAR drivers are spending the COVID-19 pandemic playing video games. They’re settling at home in front of expensive gaming rigs, connecting with their friends, and airing their competitive iRacing games on Fox, FS1, and the Fox Sports app. And by the end of their racing season, these drivers might be the most popular live streamers in America.

PSA: New Subscribers Can Get a Free Month of CBS All Access

Usually, we complain that there are too many streaming services. But right now, with more and more states issuing “Shelter in Place” orders, maybe that’s finally a good thing. Except for the part where you’d have to pay for all those services. To that end, we have some great news—You can get CBS All Access free for a month right now. That is if you’re a new subscriber.

Google Podcasts Comes to iOS

Recently, Google overhauled its Android Google Podcasts app, but the company had more in mind. Now, to complement that Android overhaul, Google released its app on iOS. The two apps mirror each other almost perfectly, which is excellent if you like to keep your podcasts in sync across multiple devices.

Slow Android Phone? Here’s What We Recommend

After using an Android device for a year or two, you’re bound to start noticing a loss in speed and performance. This is totally normal, but it isn’t necessarily a death sentence for your phone. In fact, you can probably recover a good bit of speed by following just a few simple steps.

Wyze’s New Fitness Band and Smart Scale Are Crazy Affordable

Wyze, the company that makes affordable smart bulbs, plugs, sensors, and locks, is back with new products for your consumption. This time around, though, the focus is a little less on smart homes and more on fitness. The company announced a new Wyze Band and Wyze Scale, for $25 and $20 respectively. And the band doubles as a smart home controller.

YouTube Will Play in Standard Definition by Default to Ease Bandwidth Crunch

With a large portion of the world’s population isolating themselves in their homes to help with the coronavirus pandemic, global internet connections are starting to feel the strain. Following guidelines from the European Union and following the lead of several other streaming video services, YouTube is downgrading its default video streaming to standard definition starting today.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Are Postponed Until Next Year

Today, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced it would postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The IOC had been under pressure to either cancel or postpone, with multiple countries pledging not to attend. The games will be rescheduled, according to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

6 High-Quality Keyboards That Aren’t Mechanical

Mechanical keyboards have taken the world by storm as some of the highest-end keyboards you can buy—but they’re not for everyone. Some users don’t like the high-travel distance that most mechanical keyboards boast, and others dislike the sound of even the quietest MX-style switches. Fortunately, there are still plenty of quality keyboards out there that don’t use mechanical switches.

You Can Order Ergatta’s Beautiful Gamefied Rowing Machine Today

Let’s get it out the way—most rowing machines are ugly. I say that as a proud Concept2 owner. They do the job, they give you a good workout, but they aren’t something that improves the look of your home. Ergatta’s rower turns that thought on its head thanks to its beautiful cherrywood finish and attractive gaming-like working screen. And, you can order the $2,000 rower today.