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Netatmo Patches a Gaping Security Hole in Its Security Camera

One of the best parts about Netatmo indoor cameras is their capability to recognize family and ignore them or strangers in your house and warn you. Unfortunately, the cameras had a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to gain access to your entire network. The good news is, the vulnerability was difficult to exploit. The better news is Netatmo already patched issue.

Google Will Admit When Its Search Results Suck

Google tries hard, but sometimes its search results are terrible. It seems like you were clear about what you wanted, but the results that came up have nothing to do with what you wanted. Google knows it too, and the company plans to do something courageous—admit failure. When it knows the matches are unhelpful, it’ll tell you upfront so you won’t waste time looking at them.

Deal Alert: Grab a New Google Nest Mini for Just $20

Smart speakers, like the Google Nest Mini, work best when they’re installed in every room of your home. If you’ve been meaning to stock up on smart speakers (or buy your first one), then now’s your chance. Micro Center is selling the 2nd gen Google Nest Mini (Charcoal/Chalk) for just $20. That’s a $30 discount, and the lowest price we’ve seen yet.

Zoom’s Latest Update Is All About Security

In a blog post today, Zoom described an impending update designed to fix some of its security flaws. Starting with Zoom 5.0., calls will be encrypted using 256-bit AES-GCM encryption. Hosts will gain new tools to report bad actors and easier access to security settings.

Twitter is Testing an Easy Way to See ‘Retweets with Comments’

Right now, when you decide to retweet something that makes you laugh or cry, you have two choices: just retweet it, or retweet with a comment. But, when your vain little self wants to see how many people retweeted you later, you won’t see anything for people who retweeted with a comment. Now, Twitter is testing a way to view that information, along with the comments.

Motorola’s Newest Flagship Phones Pushes Android to the Edge

For a while now, Motorola focused on budget level Android phones, leaving the flagships to Samsung and now OnePlus. But now it’s ready to reenter the fray with two 5G phones, the Edge and Edge+. Naturally, the latter is the more impressive variant. And that’s due to its 108 MP camera, giant battery, and wireless charging.

The Best Ways to Save Money on Spotify Premium

With unlimited skips, offline listening, and no advertisements, Spotify Premium is infinitely better than the streaming service’s ad-supported free plan. But at $10 a month, the price of Spotify Premium (combined with all of your other streaming services) can slowly eat away at your checking account.

Epic Fails, Finally Puts ‘Fortnite’ on the Play Store for Android Players

When the gaming phenomenon Fortnite finally arrived on Android, it came in the side door. Developer Epic balked at Google’s 30% take of all revenue on the Play Store and hosted its own download, forcing players to search for “what the hell does side-loading mean” (and inadvertently giving Google a little more cash). After 18 months, Epic has thrown in the towel.