Google Added a Smart Home Summit to Its Calendar

Google had to cancel its annual I/O developer event due to the global pandemic, but it still has plenty to announce. With that in mind, the company just announced the “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit. It will take place online on July 8th, 2020, starting at 1 PM Eastern.

Vizio Offers Some OLED TV Competition This Fall, Starting at $1300

If you’ve been waiting for someone to offer competition to LG in the growing OLED TV space, then your prayers have been answered. Vizio announced its first consumer-ready OLED TV back at CES in January, and today it’s announcing that the sets will be available sometime this fall. The best part: the 55-inch model starts at $1300.

The 7 Best Free Video Editing Programs for Windows

Whether you’re looking to learn video editing or just want to cut costs, there are some impressive options when it comes to free video-editing programs. From open-source software to full programs that are just free, there are plenty of tools out there that can rival the best of the best in the industry.

WalkinVR Is a Free SteamVR Add-On Makes VR Games More Accessible

Virtual reality headsets give us a glimpse at the exciting, immersive future of gaming. But VR also represents the decades-long disregard for accessibility features in games, and the tech may leave behind gamers with reduced mobility. A new SteamVR add-on called WalkinVR may help Steam games more accessible and encourage developers to build their games for all gamers.

Microsoft Edge Doesn’t Wait for Permission to Import Your Data

Most browsers offer to import your data from other browsers when you first install them. That’s pretty handy when you’re making the switch from Firefox to Chrome, for example. But it appears Microsoft’s Edge browser is a little too proactive—it imports your data from Chrome and Firefox before asking your permission.

Microsoft’s New File Recovery Tool is Free for Windows Users

Imagine, if you will, someone selling an antique sewing machine. Heavy, unwieldy, and covered in decades of dust, but still entirely operable if you know what you’re doing. Now imagine that antique sitting on the shelf of your local Walmart, right next to a shiny new toaster. That is the new Windows File Recovery Tool.

Facebook Is Rolling Out Dark Mode to Mobile

If you’re on desktop, you can already get Facebook on dark mode, but what if you’re on iOS or Android? If you’re one of a few lucky iOS users, you can get dark mode on Facebook today. But very few users have the option yet, and there’s no word on Android.

One Little Button Keeps Me from Loving the ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II

Do a search for the laptops with the best keyboard, and you’ll find Lenovo’s ThinkPad line at the top of every list. The company has kept the series’ dedication to a solid typing experience ever since it took over from IBM way back in 2005. The ThinkPad Keyboard is a way to bring that excellent keyboard, and its signature TrackPoint mouse replacement, to other devices.

‘Super Smash Bros Melee’ Gets Online Multiplayer, 19 Years Later

Despite coming out on a Nintendo platform near the turn of the century, Super Smash Bros. Melee is still a favorite among the hardcore fans of the series. The GameCube didn’t have much in terms of online capability, and Melee never had online multiplayer. But now a group of modders has given the game the online powers it always deserved.

LEGO Plans to Make an Official “Seinfeld” Commemorative Set

LEGO has been courting adult builders for years. What better way to appeal to them than with pop culture’s surefire money-maker: nostalgia. The toy maker announced that it plans to make a retail set based on the beloved 90s sitcom Seinfeld. It includes five minifigs and the TV apartment set. It’s a set set.

The 5 Best Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Speakers Available Today

Alexa is pretty great at her job. She’s one of the best and most popular virtual assistants around. If only you could take her out of the house. Well, now you can through the use of an Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker. Portable speakers are already useful, so if you’re already committed to the Amazon ecosystem, why not get one with Alexa built-in to expand that utility even more.

The Best Places to Buy Custom-Printed Phone Cases in 2020

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. The boring phone cases on Amazon just won’t cut it; you need to design your own case with custom images, patterns, and text. Don’t worry, custom phone cases don’t cost too much, and they come in tons of different sizes and styles. So, let’s design one right now!

The Nest Hub Max Can Now Make Group Video Calls

One of the headline features of the Nest Hub Max is the built-in camera. With it, the Nest Hub can recognize who you are and surface specific information for your day. Naturally, you can also use it to make Google Duo or Meet video calls, but until now, it was a one-on-one affair only. Now Google is rolling out group calls to the Nest Hub Max.