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Why Your Smart TV Needs a Streaming Stick

Smart TVs were supposed to save us from streaming sticks and set-top boxes. But because of slow hardware and unpredictable update schedules, the all-in-one smart TV solution is often more frustrating than it is useful. Here’s why your smart TV, which may have Roku or Amazon Fire TV software built-in, still needs a streaming stick.

Oculus Quest Now Supports Hassle-Free Wireless SteamVR Gaming

Oculus Quests are some of the best wireless VR headsets you can buy. But they can’t run high-end games like those found in the Steam Store. You can connect to a PC with a cable, but that’s inconvenient. Wirelessly streaming VR games required jumping through hoops with using developer mode and SideQuest. But with the $20 Virtual Desktop app, that’s not the case anymore.

Target Is Opening Mini Apple Stores Inside Some Locations

Forget the mall, Target is opening mini Apple Stores inside its retail locations. These dedicated kiosks are twice the size of Target’s current “Apple section” and are run by staff with special training from Apple. Target plans to open mini Apple Stores at 17 locations before the end of February, with more to come throughout 2021.

What Is an Ortholinear Keyboard, and Should You Use One?

If you’ve been hanging out on the corners of the internet that are obsessed with all things mechanical keyboard, you may have noticed some odd-looking designs: little rectangular boards with square keys in perfectly straight rows and columns. These are ortholinear keyboards, an interesting fad among the enthusiast crowd. What’s the deal? Let me explain for you.

ThinkPad X1 Nano Review: Just Call It the “ThinkPad Air”

Lenovo’s ThinkPad series of laptops is associated with utilitarian design and focused capability. It’s strange, then, to see a machine like the X1 Nano: a super-light, super-sleek laptop that has more in common with the MacBook Air than any Windows-powered notebook. That contradiction means that it has a limited appeal, but not that it’s a bad machine.

Anker’s Latest Battery Pack Sticks to Your iPhone 12 with MagSafe

Portable battery packs can be a lifesaver but also annoying to haul. You need to remember the cords and keep everything connected up. Even wireless battery packs call for laying everything down. Anker’s latest $39.99 Wireless Power Bank solves all that by sticking to your iPhone’s back through MagSafe. Pre-order it today, and it will arrive in March.

Samsung Lets You “Buy and Try” a Galaxy Foldable for 100 Days

A few minutes with a Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold can turn anyone into an advocate for foldable phones. And now, thanks to Samsung’s new “Buy and Try” program, you have 100 days to decide whether you’re a foldable fan. The extended 100-day return policy only applies to Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 5G devices purchased on the Samsung website before April 1st, 2021.

The New USPS Mail Truck is Sleek, Modern, and Potentially Electric

The current United States Postal Service mail truck fleet is ancient. Older than some of the people driving the vehicles. It’s long past due for an upgrade with some basics like air conditioning and a clock, and thankfully USPS just announced OshKosh Defense will make the next mail truck. And among its many upgrades is the option for a fully electric vehicle.

The Best Wall Mounted Weather Stations

Inclement weather can appear without notice, so property owners (or anyone, really) will benefit from a weather station. You can get a great wall-mounted weather station with barometers, anemometers for the wind, rain gauges, and more without breaking the bank. That way, you’ll know a lot more than just the temperature.

Android’s Latest Features Improve Security, Accessibility, and Convenience

One of the best improvements to Android over the years is the way it delivers updates. Google started separating features from Android so it could update them individually without a total OS update. To prove that point, Google is sending out new updates to improve password security, add scheduling for text messages, and improve accessibility for blind and low-vision users.