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The Google Home App Is a Mess and You Can Help Fix It

While the Google Home app has changed a lot over the years, it still needs some help, to put things lightly. Thankfully, it looks like Google is preparing to release its biggest update yet. The company recently added device toggles and redesigned the “feed,” but soon, we can expect a “next generation design” of the Google Home app.

Can Frequent Travelers Use Live TV Streaming Services?

You may want to pause your live TV service before going on vacation. Platforms like YouTube TV impose strange rules that can affect frequent travelers, especially those who spend months away from home. These rules are often benign, but they can also ruin the streaming experience.

GMC Issues the First Hummer EV Hardware “Recall”

General Motors has announced a “Customer Satisfaction Program” to repair its Hummer EVs battery high-voltage connector over potential issues. Earlier this year, GM released a software update to fix a taillight recall, but this is the first notable physical fix for the manufacturer.

Google Fiber Woke Up From a Coma

After several years of stagnation, Google Fiber is expanding its service to several new regions. The provider hopes to add five new states to its network, including Nevada and Idaho. It’s an ambitious plan that should provide high-speed internet in some of the United States’ most underserved areas.

The Moto Razr 2022 Finally Packs Flagship Specs

We had to wait a little longer than expected, but the all-new Motorola Razr 2022 is finally here. After canceling the August 1st unveiling at the last minute and then changing it to the 11th, Motorola officially announced its new and improved folding phone today.

The Pixel 6a Could Run at a Higher Refresh Rate

Even with its 60Hz display, the Pixel 6a is one of the best bargains available today. It truly offers a flagship experience for just $450. But now, developer @TheLunarixus claims that the Pixel 6a can run at 90Hz with some detailed software modifications.

Meta Aims to Encrypt All Facebook Messenger Chats

Today, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced that it would begin testing default end-to-end encryption for its popular chat client, Messenger. End-to-end encryption is the process by which messages between two parties are encoded so they can’t be intercepted and read by an outside entity, not even the service provider.

Moonside Neon Lighthouse Review: A Simple, Sleek Smart Lamp

The smart light market has exploded since Phillips Hue bulbs launched nearly a decade ago. Now, there are many options for smart bulbs, fixtures, and lamps that people can control from a smart device. However, the Moonside Neon Lighthouse is by far one of the slimmest additions to the lineup.

Tesla Semi Trucks Will Hit the Road Before 2023

Tesla first announced its all-electric Semi truck in 2017, and now nearly five years later, it looks like the big-rig truck will finally hit the streets before 2023. According to CEO Elon Musk, it’ll actually start shipping before the end of the year.

Ford F-150 Lightning EV Orders Reopen With a Price Hike

Just over a year ago, Ford announced the all-new F-150 Lightning EV for under $40,000. The vehicle was so popular that pre-orders quickly sold out. Ford is now ready to reopen the order system and allow buyers to snag the new electric truck, but it costs more than $39,974.