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Which Game Console is the Best for You? PS4 vs Xbox vs Switch

Console gaming is getting better—and in some ways, cheaper—than ever before. 4K gaming is finally becoming a thing, Nintendo made its main home console portable, and some incredible games have landed in 2017. If you’re still thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, let us help you figure out which console is right for you.

What’s Up With the Pixel Screens? The Facts and the BS

Google’s new Pixel 2 phones are out and they’re pretty awesome. However, there are also reports of issues with both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL’s displays. A little bit of misinformation and a lot of hysteria have made it sound like both phones are just the Worst Thing Ever. So, we’re going to break down what’s worth worrying about and what’s a lot of hot air.

Let’s Face It, Phone Makers Are Just Bored

You know those days at work when you’ve finished your tasks and you’re waiting for the next important thing to come in? You know how bored you get with nothing to do, but you’re not allowed to do nothing? That’s where Apple, Google, and the entire smartphone industry are right now and it sucks for all of us.