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40 Great Deals from the 2021 Steam Summer Sale

It’s that time of the year again—the 2021 Steam Summer Sale is here! It runs until July 8th, and is the perfect time to pick up amazing games at lower prices. So whether it’s because of the size of the discount, or just how great the game is, here are our 40 favorite deals from this sale.

Microsoft Goes Goth: Windows 11’s Blue Screen of Death Is Black

Windows’ Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) began as a bug and eventually morphed into the dedicated crash screen that we all know and love—I use that term loosely, by the way. But it seems that the BSoD will undergo a major change in Windows 11. After nearly 30 years of being blue, BSoD may become the Black Screen of Death.

Porsche Recalls 43,000 Taycan EVs Worldwide

Porsche just announced a recall for its first full-electric vehicle, the Taycan, to fix a software issue that has been proven to cause a sudden loss of power. The recall is worldwide and spans nearly all of the 43,000 Taycans sold globally.

‘Loki’ Episode 4 Review: They Lied to Us

After a boring third episode, I went into episode four of Loki fearing more of the same and a series that wouldn’t hold up. Well, I have good news! Episode four turned things around instantly. And in true Marvel fashion, it left us with many questions. You see, they lied to us.

Windows 11 Is the New ‘DOOM’

The hardware requirements for Windows 11 exclude most PCs in use today, a problem that Microsoft itself can’t seem to explain or justify. Somewhat ironically, though, it turns out that Windows 11 is a lot like DOOM—all it needs is a bit of tinkering to work in impossible places.

This iOS App Scans Your LEGO Pile and Shows You What You Can Build

Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover or random LEGO bricks you have piling up? If so, this magical new iOS app called Brickit will help you rebuild your old LEGOs into fun new creations. The app uses machine learning to scan your LEGO pile, catalogs them, then gives you handy instructions to build something new.

Amazon Could Turn the Kindle into a Foldable E-Reader

Foldable display technology is becoming more reliable and affordable, and as a result, it may soon appear in places you never expected. A new report from Bloomberg’s Mike Gurman states that Amazon could add a foldable display to its Kindle e-reader, providing a more portable, book-like user experience.