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The Best Privacy Screen Protectors for Your iPhone

Whenever you’re using a phone or computer in public, you need to keep your privacy in mind. You might not be the kind of person that looks over shoulders to read text messages, but there are plenty of nosy people in the world, and some of them have malicious intents. That’s why it’s important to use a screen protector that has a built-in privacy filter.

The Best Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Cams

Most Wi-Fi cameras require a power outlet, which puts a real damper on where you can place them. Battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras, while not as numerous as their wired counterparts, offer much more flexible placement. Here are the best models available.

The Best Label Makers for Every Situation

Can a label maker bring you joy? Kind of. It can certainly help you organize your life a little better and make it easier to find things—we’ve got a selection of great label makers for aiding everything from everyday items to crafting or outdoor use.