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Watch Today’s Xbox Series X Games Showcase at 12 PM ET

We know what the Xbox Series X looks like, we know its specs, but still don’t know what games will launch alongside the console. That’s set to change today at 12 PM ET during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase, where Microsoft will unveil its next-gen games and give us a first look at Halo Infinite.

Plex Wants to Give Everyone Live TV for Free

Plex, one of the best-looking streaming options for all your legally acquired content, has been on a roll expanding its offerings. And while you’ve been able to watch local live TV for a while, that required a digital antenna and tuner. If that’s too much, we have good news for you. Plex is rolling out free Live TV, globally—no hardware required.

I Switched from LastPass to 1Password (and You Should, Too)

I’ve been using LastPass as my primary password manager for many years—if I had to guess, I’d say it has to be close to 10 years now. And over those years, it has let me down, disappointed me, and frustrated me on multiple occasions. A few weeks ago, I finally made the switch to 1Password. I should’ve done it ages ago.

Facebook Messenger Will Get New Privacy Settings

Facebook Messenger plans to introduce new privacy settings to lock down who can message you. Soon you can prevent people from messaging or calling you at all or always shunt them to the requests box. Facebook is also introducing App Lock to protect your private messages better.

Samsung’s New Galaxy Z Flip 5G Will Cost $1,449.99

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone is an interesting beast. It’s a full-sized smartphone. But it’s also a clamshell-like flip phone. It’s big, and it’s pocketable. But it didn’t have 5G support, until now. Samsung will release the Galaxy Flip 5G on August 7th for $1,449.99.

Google Wants to Help You Buy a Home or Refinance Your Loan

Buying a home is a confusing, stressful process. To make it a bit easier, Google and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) teamed up to craft a mortgage guide for homeowners. Googling “mortgage” now brings up a panel full of information, including a mortgage guide, calculator, and information on mortgage relief.

The 6 Best Google Assistant Speakers You Can Buy in 2020

If you’re heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, using Google Assistant is likely second nature for you at this point. Whether it’s smart home commands or listening to music, Google Assistant is just useful to have around. So, why not have it around everywhere and the addition of great audio quality with a Bluetooth speaker that has Google Assistant built-in?

Before the TikTok Ban: Here Are the Best Alternatives Right Now

With the increasing likelihood of popular video app TikTok being banned, it’s probably a good time to look at the best TikTok alternatives so you can continue to get your short-form video fix no matter what. Though these types of apps are all pretty similar—and in some cases, a little too similar—there are still a few features you should be in the know about as you search for your TikTok replacement.