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One of the Best Weather Apps Just Got Better

Snarky weather app CARROT Weather just got a big update that makes your weather-fetching experience more enjoyable. Probably. The app now has a fleet of new design features—some of which are customizable—along with new metrics, and reporting options.

VW Wants to Make More EVs So It’s Killing a Popular Sedan

This week Volkswagen announced that the popular Passat sedan would end production in 2022 as the company shifts to making EVs in the United States. That said, the final 2022 VW Passat will come in a Limited Edition model that pays homage to the plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the car was manufactured.

Amazon Made an MMO That’s Destroying Graphics Cards

Picture this—you finally get your hands on a $2,500 EVGA RTX 3090 graphics card, pop it into your colorful gaming PC, and fire up the exclusive beta for Amazon’s upcoming New World MMO. Suddenly, you hear a strange thump and your screen goes black. You’re left in silence as the fans on your GPU crawl their way to lifelessness.

Oh Snap, Satechi’s New GaN Chargers Have Multiple High-Speed Ports

You’ve probably heard of GaN chargers, the super-compact charging bricks that use Gallium Nitride components to reach incredibly high charging speeds. Most GaN chargers have just one or two ports, but Satechi just launched 66-watt and 108-watt power bricks with three USB-C ports—perfect for people with several power-hungry devices.

Panasonic’s New Toughbook Modular PC Is Just Outrageous

Panasonic is a leader in ultra-rugged PCs, which are generally intended for military and construction workers in harsh environments. But if you’re somewhat familiar with Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOKs, you’ll find yourself awestruck by the company’s new TOUGHBOOK G2. It’s one of the most outrageous PCs we’ve ever seen.

EVs to Have More Charging Options Later This Year Thanks to Tesla

Electric vehicle owners that don’t drive a Tesla received some good news this week. That’s because later this year, Tesla will be opening up its expansive Supercharging network to other EVs, giving you more options to top off while driving. On the flip side, Tesla’s Superchargers will be even more overcrowded as a result.

Netflix Reveals Its Early Game Streaming Plans

Last week, a Bloomberg report revealed that Netflix hired Mike Verdu, a former EA and Oculus executive, to lead a new games department. We speculated that Netflix may focus on the “addictive” mobile games market, a hypothesis that Netflix has now confirmed in a letter to its shareholders.

Nokia’s New Smart Lighting Products Won’t Confuse Your Family Members

Smart bulbs can transform your home into an exciting, automated wonderland—but only if your family members agree to stop flipping light switches. Nokia’s solution is to skip the smart bulbs entirely. Its new line of Smart Lighting switches add dimming, automation, and voice control to an entire room, and can be flipped on and off by family members without any consequence.

New Chromecast Bundle Comes with 3 Months of HBO Max

If you’re looking to buy a streaming stick, try cashing in on the latest Chromecast with Google TV bundle. For just $65, you get a Chromecast with three months of HBO Max for free. The Chromecast usually costs $50, and HBO Max’s ad-free plan costs $15 a month, meaning that you could save a total of $30 with this deal.