I Worked at a Microsoft Store and I’m Sad They’re All Closing

The Microsoft Store is dead. The company wants out of retail, and already the comments about empty stores are flying. I worked at a Microsoft Store for just under three years, and I owe my entire writing career to that time. Every community that hosted a Microsoft Store just lost a valuable resource and will be diminished for it. I’ll mourn the loss of culture outreach, education, and community service.

The Microsoft Store is Dead

Like many retailers, Microsoft Stores closed during the global pandemic shut down. The lingering question has been, when would they reopen? Now Microsoft has an answer for us—never. The company announced it would permanently shut down all but four of its Microsoft Stores, and it will “reimagine” the remaining four in a way that won’t include retail sales.

5 Great Handheld Gaming Machines for Under $100

While you may love playing games on your home console or powerful desktop PC, those aren’t exactly portable machines. If you want to play games on the go, you’re going to need something more pocket friendly. Sure, you could just play on your phone, but there are many handheld gaming systems that offer a much better experience.

Facebook Wants You to Stop Sharing Last Season’s News

We’ve all seen it at least once. A piece of news shared on Facebook that hits our feed, except it’s old. Really old. The headline makes it sound recent, but the event happened ages ago, and the article might even be accurate anymore. Facebook wants to stop that, so now it will pop up a warning when you’re about to share old news.

Amazon Announces a New Counterfeit Crimes Unit to Knock off Knockoffs

Amazon has a counterfeit problem. It’s wide-ranging enough that there’s a good chance you have purchased a fake item through the company if you’ve purchased SD cards, lightning cables, or even cheap mini PCs. Amazon previously promised to rid its stores of counterfeits, and now it’s going a step further with a new Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

Kokoon Sleep Headphones: The Perfect Sleep Partner?

You’ll be fairly familiar with seeing headphones reviewed here at Review Geek. We love our audio tech, so several team member were eager to see what the Kokoon headphones had to offer. Why? Because these are headphones designed to help you sleep. Plus they assist with maintaining mindfulness. And they’re pretty darn effective at what they do.

It’s Time for Apple to Give the Mac a Touch Screen

It’s 2020, and you still can’t touch the screen on your Mac. Weird, right? It’s one of those things you kind of assumed was fixed years ago, like Bluetooth pairing or the ozone layer. But here we are: despite Apple pioneering modern touchscreens and most new laptops coming with them by default, Macs are still defiant in their absence.