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Google Search Adds Doomscrolling Support on Mobile

Continuous scrolling is one of the hallmarks of modern app design. You can scroll forever on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see an endless stream of content, all without pressing a “See More” or “Page 2” button. And now, the Google Search app supports continuous scrolling, allowing you to turn questions like “what can you do with pumpkins” into hours-long doomscrolling marathons.

This TikTok Scam Tricks Your Kids Into Downloading Malware

Have you ever seen a scam so obvious that only a kid could fall for it? As reported by Malwarebytes, scammers on TikTok are offering “free” download codes for popular games as part of a malvertising scheme—kids are encouraged to visit a website for free games, and malware is automatically downloaded to their computer through ads.

Vizio V-Series 2.1 Soundbar V21d-J8 Review: The New Baseline

After buying a new TV, the first thing you should do is grab a nice pair of speakers or a soundbar. As almost anything will sound better than the television’s built-in speakers, it’s not hard to find something that works. Fortunately, if you’re on a budget and still want quality sound, look no further than the Vizio¬†V21d-J8 soundbar.

Acer Makes a Bizarre Leap Into the World of Germophobia

Acer is always finding new ways to stand out from the competition. Just look at the company’s new Vero laptop—a sustainable and repairable device that’s garnered a ton of praise from press and customers alike. But Acer’s latest idea is a bit strange. Allow me to introduce Acer’s line of germophobe-friendly laptops, tablets, and monitors.

Luna Display Now Turns Your iPad Into a Second Windows Monitor

Luna Display from Astropad is a neat product that turns your iPad into a wireless second display monitor. And while it was initially only available for the Mac, this week, the company announced full support for Windows machines, making it more useful than ever. Yes, this little gadget will turn your iPad into a wireless second monitor for a Windows PC.

Of Course Microsoft Left a Glaring Typo in Windows 11 Paint

Even with its fancy Windows 11 redesign, MS Paint feels like Microsoft’s neglected child. Users on the /r/Windows11 forum discovered two glaring mistakes in Windows 11 Paint’s File menu—a typo and a mislabeled button. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a clear sign that Microsoft didn’t “think through every pixel and detail” while developing its new operating system.

The 6 Best Streaming Boxes and Sticks for Holiday 2021

Streaming devices are a simple way to step up your entertainment game regardless if you have a smart TV or not. Content recommendations, well-designed remotes, and much more make these gadgets an excellent addition to any living room—so let’s look at the ones you should have your eyes on.

Your Android Phone May Soon Double As a Digital Car Key

Google is getting ready to release Android 12 to the masses, and buried in the release alongside an upcoming Google Play Services update, the folks at XDA Developers found digital car key support for Android. Back in May, Google announced that it would join Apple in letting folks unlock cars with an Android phone, and now it looks like the release is right around the corner.