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Android’s Latest Features Improve Security, Accessibility, and Convenience

One of the best improvements to Android over the years is the way it delivers updates. Google started separating features from Android so it could update them individually without a total OS update. To prove that point, Google is sending out new updates to improve password security, add scheduling for text messages, and improve accessibility for blind and low-vision users.

PS5 Is Getting a New VR System Inspired by The DualSense Controller

Sony has announced the first details on its next-gen VR system, which is slated to be coming to the PlayStation5 console. The original PlayStation VR was announced four years ago, expanding game selection for the PlayStation 4 with titles like Beat Saber and Moss. Now, the new version will continue to do the same for the PS5’s game catalog.

Digitize Old Slides, Negatives, and Photo Prints with These Converters

Odds are, you’ve probably got some old film negatives or slides sitting around somewhere that you’ve been meaning to digitize for quite some time now. And with a slide to digital image converter at your side, you can quickly check this chore off your to-do list and get all of your newly-digitized images uploaded and shared on social media in no time.

Alarming macOS Malware Found on Over 30k Machines (Including M1 Macs)

Security researchers at Red Canary have discovered a mysterious new malware on nearly 30,000 Macs, though the actual number of infected computers is probably much higher. It appears that the malware, nicknamed Silver Sparrow, is waiting for the right moment to deliver a malicious payload to its host devices. It’s one of the first viruses to run natively on both Intel and M1 Macs.

VAIO Marks Its Comeback With a $3,579 Full Carbon Fiber Laptop

For nearly two decades, Sony VAIO produced some of the world’s most ambitious, stylish, and expensive computers. Now, the brand that taught you to feel “laptop envy” is coming out of retirement with its revamped, full carbon fiber VAIO Z flagship. The new VAIO Z boasts extreme durability, a starting weight of 2.11 pounds, and (in typical VAIO fashion) a $3,579 to $4,179 price tag.

Newer Samsung Galaxy Devices Now Get Four Years of Security Updates

These days, there are more similarities between iOS and Android than differences, and which you go with really does come down to personal preference. But one advantage Apple devices do enjoy is a longer update lifespan. Android has always lagged, but for Samsung devices, that’s getting a little better. The company is now promising select devices made since 2019 will get four years of security updates.

What Are Raspberry Pis Really for?

Raspberry Pi computers are a go-to solution for home theaters, NAS devices, and other personal projects . But the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s latest products and partnerships have left DIY-ers scratching their heads. Why would the Pi Foundation release a pre-assembled computer kit, or partner with Microsoft to bring new software to Raspbian OS? The answer is simple—Raspberry Pi exists to help kids and adults learn about computing. It isn’t just a tool for hobbyists and geeks.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review: The Best Tiny Keyboard for Gaming on the Go

HyperX, Kingston’s gamer hardware label, is best known for its collection of high-quality headsets. But the company has been branching out into keyboards for several years, including creating its own gamer-focused mechanical switches and a notable partnership with Ducky. HyperX is ready to strike out with a fully self-branded 60% board, the Alloy Origins 60.

The ecobee SmartCamera Is Now Better at Being a Baby Monitor

Wi-Fi Security cameras can already work pretty well as baby monitors, but they’re not tailor-made for the task. Dedicated baby monitors are still usually better, but thanks to a new update, the ecobee SmartCamera might be the best dual-use case yet. Or at least you won’t set off the siren and wake the baby anymore.

The Best Tabletop RPGs That Aren’t ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

Since its inception in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons has remained one of the most popular games in history, and it’s even recognized as the foundation for modern games that use a role-playing mechanic. However, it’s far from the only role-playing game (RPG) out there, so if fantasy adventures aren’t up your alley, maybe zombies or eldritch horrors or criminal heists are.