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There’s Nothing Wrong with Vertical Video

We’re taught that vertical video is amateurish, unnatural, and a crime against humanity. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the format. It plays a bigger role in life than you’d imagine, and it feels so natural we hardly ever think of it.

Updated: Ring’s Doorbell App May Be Sharing Identifiable User Data With Third Parties

It’s not bad enough that Ring blames its users for its security problems, now, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), it turns out the company is sharing vast amounts of data about its users with third-party trackers. And while you can always expect some loss of privacy with smart home tech, the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) the company shares is appalling, if true.

This RavPower Battery Saved My Ass at CES

I love using CES as a time to not just get ideas of what to expect in the coming year, but also to test new products. And what better place to test a big-ass battery? I submit that there is none. This year, I went with a 20100 mAh pack from RavPower, and man did it deliver the power.

Google Heard the Complaints About Search Ads and Will Test Changes

Recently, Google made a change to its search results that led to an outcry from some sectors of the internet. The company added favicons to organic search results, and the word “ad” in bold to any ad generated results. For some, the change felt like an effort to “trick users into clicking ads.” Now Google has heard those complaints and test changes to address the issue.